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INSS proof of life will be made by crossing data

Retirees and pensioners of the government of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) are not required to carry out proof of life until the end of 2022. The Minister of Labor and Welfare, Onyx Lorenzoni, signed an ordinance withdrawing the requirement of in-person proof of proof of life to this public when it implies the displacement of the beneficiaries to the INSS unit or to the financial institution paying the benefit. The process will now happen through data crossing. A cross-check of information will be carried out by the institute to confirm that the beneficiary of the benefit, in the ten months after his/her last birthday, performed an act recorded in the municipality’s own databases or maintained and managed by federal public bodies. Only when this proof of life is not possible will the beneficiary be notified about the need to carry out the proof of life, preferably by electronic means. “It is a historic transformation in the lives of INSS retirees and pensioners. Proof of life is now our responsibility. As of today, it is prohibited for any retiree or pensioner to leave home to fulfill the proof of life. their home. This is love of neighbor”, said minister Onyx Lorenzoni. For example, records of vaccination, consultations with the Unified Health System (SUS), acquisition or renewal of a payroll loan, voting in elections, issuance of a passport, identity card or driver’s license, among others, can be used, as proof of the beneficiary’s life. Exceptionally, when there is a need to carry out the proof of life in person, the INSS must provide the beneficiary (regardless of age) with means for the proof of life to be carried out without the need to move from their own residence, using, for this purpose, its employees or contracted and partner entities, as well as the financial institutions that pay the benefits. The details will be defined in an act of the president of the institute. The INSS has until December 31 of this year to implement the necessary changes to comply with the provisions of the ordinance. The head of the INSS registration division, Marcelo Caetano, said that there will be no suspension of benefits until December, as has been the case since March 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “The failure to carry out proof of life for INSS retirees is not causing blockages or suspension of benefits for the 36 million Brazilians who need this proof,” Marcelo told G1. According to him, in the case of other blocks prior to March 2020, it is necessary to look for the INSS or the banking institution. “The situation is different for those who were already blocked by locks prior to March 2020. In this case, you need to look for the banking institution if the benefit is blocked, and if it is suspended, then you need to look for the INSS”, he explained.
Situation is different in Bahia
More than 2,300 state retirees and pensioners are at risk of having their benefits cut due to pending proof of life. The number corresponds to the total number of beneficiaries summoned by the Superintendence of Social Security (Suprev) to carry out the procedure throughout the month of January and who until Wednesday (16.02) had not re-registered. In all, 11,797 beneficiaries were summoned in the month of January. At the end of the term, 7,738 people performed the proof of life in person or through video assistance. The State extended the deadline for the defaulters to carry out the procedure. But of the total of 4,059 remaining beneficiaries, only 1,674 resolved the pending issue, leaving 2,385.

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