Ingalls Family style: Melissa Gilbert traded her million-dollar house for a cabin

Melissa Gilbert, the protagonist of The Ingalls Family, shared the images of the house that he refurbished in a pandemic and said that it is in the style of the television series that catapulted her to fame. The actress, who began her career in the artistic world at the age of 11, is very active on social networks, where she shows part of her day-to-day life in her new country house, and with her her family.Gilbert put herself in the character of Laura, one of the daughters of the favorite family of the series that had a great worldwide success between the 70s and 80s. As she warned in an Instagram Live that she recently did to promote her book Back to the prairie [De vuelta a la pradera]the actress said that she moved to a place far from the life of the big cities.Part of the exterior of the house on the hillInstagram @melissagilbertofficialIn an interview she gave to Fox News, she explained that together with her husband, the For Life actor: life imprisonment, Timothy Busfield, decided to start from scratch in a rustic cabin in the mountains of the New York Catskills, to which they had to dedicate many hours of work to make it habitable. According to her, with the constant trips to Lansing, a town in Michigan, where Timothy is from, she began to have contact with nature, so all this convinced her to make the big leap: leaving his million-dollar mansion in Los Angeles for a country house on a hill outside New York.According to him, they are in charge of providing firewood to heat the environmentAccording to what she said, they are in charge of providing the firewood to heat the environment Instagram @melissagilbertofficial Such is the case that on Instagram, the actress began to show her new life in rural areas and in the company of her husband and children. Among the images he shares, it can be seen that the family grows its own food, provides firewood for the fireplace that heats the environment and its contact with wild animals.The couple bought the house in 2018 and since then they began to condition itThe couple bought the house in 2018 and since then they began to refurbish itInstagram @melissagilbertofficialAccording to the local media, they had bought the country house at the end of 2018, and little by little, they began to refurbish it until it was habitable during the arrival of the Covid -19. In the place, he said, “there was no heating” or drinking water, since “the plumbing was crooked”and they had had to remove everything that was inside because it was completely full of “old furniture”.The chickens that he has reared outdoorsThe chickens that are raised outdoorsInstagram @melissagilbertofficialIn addition, he explained that in that place they raise chickens outdoors and have a more “country” life. In fact, on Instagram she warned that the animals are called Cotton, Coco and Dr. (Biggie) Fauci and are raised outdoors. “Yesterday they came out like they do every night, and they came around to the front door and spied on us. Nice little things, right?said in a publication where the birds are seen approaching the house.The food and vegetables you plant in your home gardenThe food and vegetables that she plants in the garden of her houseInstagram @melissagilbertofficialIn another publication, the actress told what are the foods and vegetables that they have planted in the garden. “We started the 2021 orchard. This year we increased the size of the garden and orchard: we are planting and harvesting (hopefully) Walla Walla Onions, Garlic, Parsley, Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Cilantro, Roma Tomatoes, Steak Tomatoes, Zucchini, English Cucumbers, Green Beans, Butter Lettuce, Napa Cabbage, Bok Choy, Green Grapes, Watermelon, Sunflowers, snapdragon, zinnias, cosmos, petunias, amaranth, feverfew and bishop’s flowers,” he said.One of the family's postcards as they clear the snow-covered roadOne of the family’s postcards as they clear the snow-covered roadInstagram @melissagilbertofficialIn the family album she can also be seen with her husband as they remove the snow from the road, in a postcard similar to one of the images in the family series. “Today I woke up with these images. Are handsome! I am blessed”, indicated on a postcard where you can see the forest that surrounds the cabin completely covered in snow.Another one of the images of the interior of the cabinAnother of the images from inside the cabinInstagram @melissagilbertofficialThe Ingalls Family had a great worldwide success that premiered on September 11, 1974 and ended on March 21, 1983, although it can still be seen on the screen or through social networks.

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