Incredible story: She disguised herself as a man for 36 years to raise her daughter safely

There are stories that make it clear that for a mother’s love one is capable of doing anything. That’s him case of S. Petchiammal, a woman from a small village in India who decided to dress as a man for 36 years to avoid male chauvinist stigmas Y to be able to raise his daughter.The woman, who is currently 57 years old, spoke to the local media outlet The New Indian Express and stated that her husband died when she was very young, leaving her alone to raise Shanmugasundari, her daughter who, at the time, was just born.”I lost my husband Siva just 15 days after marriage. I was only 20 years old then, and soon gave birth to Shanmugasundari. I decided not to get married again., he noted in the interview. Petchiamma was living at the time in Kattunayakanpatti, a small town located 30 kilometers from the city of Thoothukudi, India. In this region, opportunities for women were few, but she had to find a job at any cost. When she started working, she realized that The panorama was very complicated for her, since she was in the midst of a patriarchal society in which she could not work quietly without being sexually harassed or teased for her gender.The story broke in the Indian media (Photo: Twitter Capture/@supreetksingh)“Raising a girl alone turned out to be difficult. I worked on construction sites, hotels and tea rooms; but I was harassed in all these places,” she stated. Faced with anguish, the woman originally from India made the drastic decision to change her identity. She went to the temple of Tiruchendur Murugan, in the city of Thoothukudi, where he asked that his new name be Muthu: thus he officially became a man.All of her identity documents were registered as male, including her Aadhaar card, which is required to vote. Only her relatives and close people knew that she was actually a woman.Later, when she returned to her home village to look for work again, the woman noticed that the teasing had stopped and that she could take care of her daughter with peace of mind. Petchiamma maintained her identity as Muthu throughout Shanmugasundari’s upbringingeven after she got married and made a new life with her husband: “This identity guaranteed a safe life for my daughter. I will continue to be Muthu until I dieexpressed in statements to the aforementioned medium.S. Petchiammal is of Indian originS. Petchiammal is of Indian originiStockDespite the fact that he was able to work during his youth to support his daughter, today Petchiamma does not have financial stability and cannot actively work due to her advanced age. For this reason, he had to resort to government aid to be able to live. “I don’t have a house and I don’t have savings. I can’t apply for the widowhood certificate either. As I am too old to work, I request the Government to offer me some monetary aid”he explained when referring to his current situation.

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