In ‘Locke & Key,’ there is more to Eden (Hallea jones) than what meets the eye

Locke & Key is not just about magic and mystery; it is also about the connections between the characters. However, despite the fantasy series’ magical setting, the lives of three teens are still being followed by Netflix, who are still participating in high school social games. Locke and keys actor Hallea jones plays a supporting character named Eden Hawkins.

Locke & Key’s Eden, played by Hallea Jones, has sparked controversy while also capturing audiences’ attention. Eden epitomizes the classic evil girl in every way. Her redemption tale in Season 1 did not stop her from returning to cause more devastation in Season 2. What do we know about the burgeoning young actress, and where does Eden fit into the Locke & Key universe?

When it comes to Eden in “Locke & Key,” we cannot help but be invested in her plight.

Despite our distaste, we really wish Eden’s cruel girl had a chance to succeed. As a result, it appears like she does make it by the end of Season 1. Since Kinsey Locke is a member of the Locke family, we are rooting for her. In spite of Eden being Kinsey’s biggest opponent, we still want Eden to reform their ways.

Season 1 begins with Eden and the other kids in town banding together to take on the villainous Dodge. After getting hit by a demon bullet while assisting them in bringing Dodge to the drowning cave, she becomes infected with a demon. Just as her life was about to take another turn for the worse!

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There is only one person who knows Eden’s real demonic identity at this time: Gabe. Gabe is Dodge, and Dodge is Gabe. In Season 2, the two form an alliance and once again face off, but this time with greater magical prowess.

After Eden has lost a large number of individuals throughout the season, his predicament becomes increasingly dire. Our sympathies go out to the girl who used to be a bully in school.

Locke and keys actor Hallea Jones version

Despite her little filmography previous to Locke & Key, Hallea Jones is undoubtedly a rising talent. To be fair, she does an excellent job of expressing all of Eden’s personalities, from the snarky cruel girl that we originally saw in Season 2 to the deep-seated desire to do good that drives her.

Before joining the cast of Locke & Key, Hallea first appeared on TV in an episode of the popular Amazon Prime series The Boys. Hallea’s other well-known roles include those of a pilates instructor on Workin’ Moms and of Anita in The Hot Zone. In 2019, Hallea played Madison in the Netflix holiday film Let It Snow. The first two seasons of Netflix’s Locke & Key are now available to stream online.


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