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In Banzaê, ACM Neto says that it is necessary to look carefully at indigenous peoples

The pre-candidate for governor ACM Neto (União Brasil) said this Saturday (7) that it is necessary to look carefully at indigenous peoples. In Banzaê, where he has an agenda, Neto has pledged to give better conditions to these people, if he is elected. “Today, in Banzaê, I spoke about the need to pay attention to indigenous peoples, especially in Bahia, where Brazil began. If I am governor, we will give these people better living conditions and fight so that they can maintain their living and valued traditions,” he said. He visited several municipalities on Friday (6) (Photo: publicity) In addition to Banzaê, Neto’s schedule this Saturday in the region also included visits to the municipalities of Araci, in the morning, and Ribeira do Pombal, in the evening. This Friday (6th), there were five cities: Itapicuru, Olindina, Nova Soure, Cipó and Ribeira do Amparo. This weekend Neto completed 100 cities visited since the beginning of the Pela Bahia movement. Several local and state political leaders also participated, including federal deputy Cacá Leão (PP), a pre-candidate for the Senate. Neto pledged to fight for better conditions for the indigenous population (Photo: publicity) In the morning, in Araci, where he participated in two events, ACM Neto stated that he graduated in politics during his three terms as a federal deputy and graduated in public management, during his eight years as mayor of Salvador. “By this, I mean that I prepared myself all my life to occupy the position of governor. If God and the Bahians want it, I will make the best government in the entire country. And you can take note: if elected, I will place education in Bahia among the best in Brazil. On the other hand, with me in government, Bahia will be one of the safest states in the country. What the PT has not done in 16 years, I will do, you can be sure”.

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