In America, they litter with money, writing out huge contracts for young people. In years to come, stars will ask for $13-14 million?

Daria TuboltsevaNHL trends and how they will affect the future of the league. In the NHL, clubs seek to resolve contract issues with players important to the team in advance. Quite often, young hockey players are negotiated a year before the end of their current contracts. So, for example, Tampa did with Mikhail Sergachev – on July 1, his new eight-year agreement with a salary of $ 8.5 million was announced. The record amount for Russian defenders seemed overpriced to many. Has the 24-year-old hockey player played enough and will he earn a higher salary for the upcoming season than the owner of the Norris Victor Hedman? The topic of overpayment will come up frequently this NHL offseason. And before the start of the new season, we can confidently talk about the trend to give young players under 25 years old long contracts with a salary of $7-8 million. There have been similar deals before, they are also called advance agreements, but every year the threshold for getting big money is lowered. , and the amount itself increases.2022 off-season signings (under-25 players, 7-8 year long contracts, $7-8m salary):center forward Tage Thompson24 years old, Buffalo Buffalo, $7,142 x 7 years Center forward Robert ThomasSt. Louis, 23 years old, $8.125 million x 8 years Center forward Josh NorrisOttawa, 23, $7.95 million x 8 years Wing/Center Tim Stützle20, Ottawa, $8.35 million x 8 years Wing/Center Jordan KairouLouis, 24, $8.125 million x 8 winger Matthew Tkachak, 24, Florida, $ 9.5 million x 8 years Only Tkachak stands out from the general system, who scored more than 100 points last season and is already considered a recognized NHL star, and his salary is noticeably higher than the rest. Other young forwards, of course, are talented, but have not yet shown an outstanding game. None of them has ever approached the grandmaster mark of a hundred points in the regular season. And about all of them, we can say that they spent one powerful season in the NHL career. Nevertheless, everyone deserved long and big contracts. This can be explained by the fact that the clubs see them as the leading franchise players and believe in their progress. Can we say that this is a risk and an overpayment? If different clubs give such agreements to several players at once, then these are market figures. And if from the outside it seems like an overpayment, then, apparently, the views just need to be changed. Club and league revenues rose last season, the covid crisis has been overcome, so the salary cap promises to rise in the coming years. Although, of course, one cannot be immune from another pandemic or the impact of a recession that has gripped the global economy. But in the NHL they think positively and believe that in a few years, eight million contracts will not seem big. Not the fact that all the young players who have concluded solid agreements this year will work them out. Although they all look extremely promising. The same Kairu, whose contract was announced only yesterday, a two-sided playmaker, can play in the center, with a shot, improves every year. Such a forward with a long contract is an investment in the future of the Will the current trend continue into the future? It will definitely affect the transfer market. And, above all, free agents. In a year, David Pastrnak, Ryan O’Reilly, Nathan McKinnon and many others will run out of contracts. These hockey players have already achieved a lot in the NHL, and, therefore, they will apply for a salary higher than that of the “green” youth. And how much higher? Can a contract of $13-14 million become a reality (now Connor McDavid has a maximum of $12.5 million)? After all, it seems that McKinnon can demand so much from Colorado.Subscribe to the telegram channel of Daria Tuboltseva

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