American Crime Story Season 4

Impeachment: American Crime Story Season 4 What should you know before watching it?

Impeachment: American Crime Story is the third season of the pre-eminent television series named American Crime Story. The third season consists of 10 long episodes and it aired on September 7, 2021. The recent season was all about the famous scandal named Clinton-Lewinsky. The story is based on a book which was inscribed by Jeffrey Toobin named A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story Of The Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down A President.

Now the question arises: What’s next for the Murphy Drama? Will American Crime Story be back for the fourth time? And now how will the scandal be tackled?

So we have the answer. Good news for all the crime drama lovers the American Crime Story is all set to come back with a whole new interesting true-crime story.  According to our sources, the fourth season is in progress.

Ryan Murphy in an interview held in August told them that when he was a kid he used to live in Indiana, they used to get the Liz Smith column in the Indianapolis Star, he always wanted to go to that place. He loves the place. He also added that it’s an interesting story to tell through the prism of American Crime Story.

Glimpse of storyline From an American Crime Story?

Season 4 of American Crime Story will reveal the story about Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell who are the entrepreneurs who own a Manhattan Club and they both turned that club into the most happening place for nightlife.

Season 4 will be dubbed as Studio 54: American Crime Story. The studio opened in 1977 and soon it became a world-popular attraction because of its restrictive entry policies and more.

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After that in 1979, Schrager and Rubell were caught due to evasion of tax and were behind the jail for more than three years and they were charged $20,000.

What is the airing date of American Crime Story Season 4?

For the previous season, we have to wait for more than two years. The shooting of season 4 is going on and after production work of the movie is quite more. Therefore we can’t say much about the release date. But we assure you that we will update our site once the official date is out. The expectation from the movie is quite high. All we can do is touch wood and hope for some more information from officials.  

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