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I wish Fenwick, I wish

At the expense of the details on the sectorization of the capacity in La Cartuja, and although an ‘official’ version circulates pointing to the opposite, as if no conflict could die of starvation here, Valencia already knows after the telematic meeting that it did attend yesterday how many seats it will have in La Cartuja, both in the stands and in the VIP boxes and authorities. However, yesterday the protagonism returned to fall once again not in the final but in the story of not ending. Although they came in a can, it was the day chosen to spread the statements of the architect Mark Fenwick. The person in charge of not knowing how many downward redesigns spoke at the most key moment in recent times about a new stadium to be proud of, yes, once it is “done”. Hopefully because the nuance that it is effectively “done” and complete is important.

And it is that the problem, at least one of them, happens because the New Mestalla on which Fenwick was expanding on the club’s radio does not correspond as much as it should with the project that has been presented to the institutions. It does not, of course, in an initial phase in which there is, for example, no roof and even less solar. Everything would be much simpler, like or not certain characteristics, if there were guarantees and executable guarantees instead of future expectations. That’s where it comes Of course, one of the red lines next to the increase in capacity that has been marked in Generalitat and City Hall, whose roadmap has not changed nor does it have to do so after having heard those explanations without the possibility of cross-examining him. The bottom line is not really what Fenwick says but the feeling of me or against me that surrounds everything and that is not with the politicians of the day but towards a city that is blackmailed with the privileges of the ATE, be it that or another name that receives the way in which they are resolved. But no. In exchange for judicially unblocking the resumption of the works, now you cannot run the risk that everything will stay halfway again. There are mistakes that were made in the sale that cannot be repeated.

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