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Hulk impresses followers with R$ 22,000 baby stroller

The striker Hulk, from Atlético-MG, won a day off last Sunday (8), and took the opportunity to walk with his wife, Camila Ângelo and the couple’s newborn daughter, Zaya. The player published some records of the moment on social media, but what caught the attention of the followers was the baby stroller used by the family. The model is a special version of the Mima Xari brand and is available for purchase on the internet for R$ 22 thousand. The standard price of the same cart, in other colors, is R$ 14 thousand. Internet users took the opportunity to play with the value of the model. “This cart must be the price of a Celt,” wrote one person. “Hulk’s daughter’s baby stroller buys my house quiet,” posted another.

Born on April 18, Zaya is the fourth child of Hulk, his first with Camila Ângelo. The striker is also the father of Ian, Tiago and Alice, the result of his marriage to Iran Ângelo, Camila’s aunt.

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