How & Where to watch The challenge: All-stars?

One of the limited series that has gained buzz nowadays is The challenge: All-stars. This is the special series which was presented by T.J. Lavin. The series features twenty-two contestants who were members of the actual competition. The competition was originally held between those 22 members who faced each other for winning the huge amount of $500,000. The reason behind this series is Mark Long. He pitched the season on social media for a season along with an “old-school” cast. His pitch got viral in June 2020. Seeing all this he reaches out to the earlier cast members and then he went to The Challenge’s production ( Murray Production)

After that in August 2020, they both confirmed their partnership and started working on the series. The executive producers of the series include Justin Booth, Julie Pizzi, Leanne Mucci, Dan Caster. The sereis is about thrilling challenges, entry, nominations, twists, lifesaver, and elimination of contestants, survival of contestants for the huge amount.

Recently the second season of The challenge: All-stars premiered on November 11, 2021, on Thursday. Both the seasons are available on the Paramount+. The new season will come up with the latest limited series, 22 most iconic, fiercest, and boldest challenges All-star. They will fight again for a huge amount of $500,000. So go and get the subscription right now and watch all the challenges. Only the first episode of season 2 is out till now. The name of the challenge in the first episode of season 2 is Boarding Party and the challenge type is male or female pair. In season 2 there are 24 contestants.

You can watch previous episodes on Netflix and Hulu. Currently, it is streaming on Paramount+. Earlier it was predicted that it will air on MTV but the news is not correct it won’t stream on MTV or any other cable channel. The latest episode premieres every Thursday only on Paramount+.

There is a long list of challenges in The challenge: All-stars. It is available on the internet. Points are given to winners and runner-ups. The fan base of the show is huge and people are excited about new episodes and new challenges. There are various hashtags like #WeWantOGs and many more. The shooting was going on in Argentina. People also support their favorite contestants. I know that you all are eager for the new episode. Keep on checking our website we will update you with the latest information.

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