How to Use SharePlay on Facetime?

The most amazing feature that arrives with the new IOS 15 is SharePlay. This is Apple’s FaceTime app’s biggest update. This feature takes the video calling experience to the next level, making it the best video calling app. And has become a tough competitor to other video calling apps like Zoom, Google Duo, etc.

The SharePlay functions are amazing. It lets you share the screen with your friends and family. Not only that, but you can also watch movies, TV shows, listen to songs, podcasts, and much more. No matter how far you are from your friends and family, you can enjoy music, movie, and much more with Apple’s SharePlay feature.

Which devices support SharePlay Feature?

SharePlay can be used with IOS 15, iPadOS 15, tvOS 15, and macOS Monterey. It is not limited up to these devices, you can also cast to your Apple TV while face-timing on your phone. Currently, the company has released the beta version for the developers, you can install this beta version on your compatible Apple devices. But it will be better if you could wait for the public beta version as in the developer beta version, you may face some problems.

Which apps and services support the SharePlay feature

It supports Apple Music and streaming services, which like HBO Max, Disney+, TikTok, Hulu, twitch, etc.

How to use Screen Share on FaceTime with SharePlay

With share play, you can share the screen with your friends and family, which is very useful when you need to show your friend and family members how to use iPhone or show your iPhone’s photo gallery, TV shows, movies.

Now follow the mentioned steps to use screen share:

1. Take your iPhone and open the FaceTime app.

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2. Then click on New FaceTime.

3. Under New FaceTime, tap on the rightmost ‘add icon’ and a new contact from the suggested list.

4. After adding the contact, click on the FaceTime icon. Similarly, repeat this process to add the required contacts which you wish to FaceTime.


5. Under the New FaceTime you can see the added contacts, now tap on FaceTime.


6. Once your friends or family members have joined, you will see a bar at the top where you’ll see a screen sharing icon. Tap on it.



7. Now others should be able to see your screen.

8. You can minimize the FaceTime call by swiping up.

9. Now you can show them whatever you want on your iPhone and there is a purple screen share icon in the top left corner, which shows that you are screen sharing.

10. Tap on your friend or family member’s face to return to FaceTime call.

11. To stop sharing the screen, click on the screen share icon again.

12. Then you’ll see a confirmation line “Your screen is no longer being shared”

How to stream a movie with your friends or family on FaceTime with SharePlay

SharePlay even lets you watch or stream shows and movies with your friends and family through the Apple TV app. Before you begin, make sure that you and the person you’ll be face timing have IOS 15 running on iPhone and have an Apple TV subscription. Now follow the steps below:

1. To start the FaceTime call, follow the steps from 1 to 5 mentioned above.

2. Once the FaceTime call is started, swipe up to minimize the FaceTime app.

3. Then open the Apple TV app.

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4. Find the movie or show which you want to watch.

5. Once the video has started, you will see a notification that the video has started and it is playing for those who are on the FaceTime call.

6. Anyone on the FaceTime call can play, pause, fast forward, rewind, or stop the video.

7. You can even close the video to everyone or for yourself.

How to listen to music with Apple Music and SharePlay

Now play music and create a playlist for your friends and family, with SharePlay and Apple Music. Make sure that you and the person’s iPhone is updated to the latest software that is IOS 15 and you have an active Apple Music subscription.

Here are the steps to play music on FaceTime:

1. To start the FaceTime call, follow the steps from 1 to 5 mentioned in the first part of the article.

2. Once the person has joined the FaceTime call, swipe up to minimize the FaceTime app.

3. Then open the Apple Music app.

4. After that find the song you’d like to play and tap on Play.


5. The song will start playing and everyone on the FaceTime call can enjoy the song.


6. You’ll receive a notification when you will select another song to play. And in the notification, you need to select a particular option like Play Now, Play Next, or Play Last.

7. Even the person on the FaceTime call can pause, play, skip, or add songs to the queue.

Now you know how to use SharePlay to watch a movie or a show, listen to music, screen sharing on FaceTime calls. Let us know about your favorite feature of SharePlay.