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How to remove bad odors from the toilet with coffee grounds

Although the bathroom was invented for what it is, to get rid of minor and major waters, sometimes we feel uncomfortable leaving the sink and leave a bad smell, especially if we are not at home. Therefore, the following tips can be of great help in a sticky situation since they will help us to dispel the bad smell of the bathroom without great resources. With an intense flavor and aroma, coffee is a wonder of nature, but when we drink it we throw mountains of grounds. It is a pity that coffee grounds are not reused, so we propose the following. Heat a little water, then pour a few tablespoons of ground coffee, a handful is enough and mix well. At this point, pour all the liquid into the toilet and wait about twenty minutes., then flush the toilet. Thus you will get rid of bad odors and indeed, you will also perfume the environment with a pleasant aftertaste of coffee. The advice is to repeat the procedure once a week. It is a simple and fast method, which does not require much effort and energy. In this way you will eliminate the bad odors from the toilet and you will obtain a lasting result.

Pour liquid soap down the toilet when you flush

This trick works quite well: at the moment of pulling the pump, when the water is very low, pour a little liquid soap, shampoo, bleach or cologne (whatever you have on hand at the time). In this way you will be able to camouflage the smell and the bathroom will smell better when the water rises again.

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Make your anti-odor spray

If you want to make yourself a anti-odor spraywrite down the following recipe: a spoonful of alcohol of cleaning, 40 drops of essential oil (lemon, rosemary, lavender…), 80 ml of water and a spray sprayer. Once you have everything mixed, move it energetically and after going to the bathroom, make a few sprays of the mixture inside the cup. The smell will completely disappear.

Flush the chain immediately and several times

Immediately after evacuating, pull the chain several times so that the gases are trapped in the pipe quickly, and not in the environment. Is a non-ecological solution and you should only use it in emergency situations. The ‘scent’ will not go away completely, but a good part of it will.

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