How to post an entire photo on Instagram

If you took an amazing photo, but it doesn't fit when you're going to post it, fear not. We'll show you how to post an entire photo on Instagram . There are some applications that adjust the photo to fit on the social network and serve as a complement if you want to beautify the photo before posting.

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Check below how to do this and take note of the app tips for posting a whole photo on Instagram (Android | iOS).

How to post an entire photo directly from Instagram

  1. In the feed, or on your profile, click the + icon in the top corner;
  2. Choose "Publish" and select the photo from your gallery;
  3. Click the "<>" icon in the lower left corner and the image will automatically adjust;
  4. After that just edit as you prefer and post.
Through this quick process it is possible to post an entire photo on Instagram (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

The user, if he prefers, can perform the action manually, pinching the image until it is complete in the post, but to be perfect it is better to use the icon.

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Apps to post an entire photo on Instagram


InShot is an excellent ally if you want to post an entire photo on Instagram. The process is very similar, but offers many editing options for the user to make the photo even more beautiful.

  1. Open the application and in the part to create new select "Photo";
  2. Select the image from your gallery;
  3. Click the "<>" icon to make it whole and edit as you wish. Click "Save";
  4. Choose to share on Instagram and where you want to post.
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InShot allows many editing tools and can also post the entire photo on Instagram (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)


InstaSize is an old acquaintance, when there was no native function on Instagram it was the application used to make the entire post. The app has aged well and goes far beyond a simple tweaker for the social network and is another good editor that photo fans must have.

  1. Select the photo and click the "<>" icon to adjust it;
  2. Edit the way you want and put the filter you want;
  3. Click the share button and select Instagram;
  4. Choose if you want to post in some chat, Feed or Stories and finish.
Old acquaintances, InstaSize is a great editing app that lets you post the entire photo on Instagram (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

Ready! That way you can style the photo and leave it in the right way to post in full on Instagram!

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