How to eat with pancreatitis

Oksana Laryushkina Menu and recipe.

What is pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is a common inflammatory disease of the pancreas, the main symptoms of which are pain in the upper abdomen, in the stomach area. Usually they are provoked by a violation of the production of digestive enzymes and An accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can only be made by the attending physician, but, as a rule, it must include a therapeutic diet that helps reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract. In addition to the fact that it is important to adhere to a special diet, it is also necessary to give up alcoholic beverages.

Diet for pancreatitis: recipes


Ingredients: 50 g of vermicelli, 40 g of cottage cheese, 40 ml of milk, an egg, a teaspoon of sugar. Boil the vermicelli and cool. Add cottage cheese, previously grated through a sieve, and an egg beaten in milk. Pour a teaspoon of sugar, mix the ingredients and put in a baking dish, greased with butter. When baking, make sure that a golden crust does not

Baked fish

Ingredients: 500 g fillet, a tablespoon of butter, two carrots, herbs, lemon juice. Salt the fish, brush with oil on top and sprinkle with grated carrots. Put on foil, bake for about 30 minutes at a temperature of 200 ° C. Sprinkle with herbs before serving.

Menu for pancreatitis for a week

Meals can be changed as you wish.Monday: steamed chicken fillet, rosehip broth, oatmeal in milk, a piece of cheese, jelly without sugar; pumpkin soup, steamed fish, green tea; stewed zucchini, carrots, diet vinaigrette with a slice of bread or bread.Tuesday: rice porridge, tea with honey; pumpkin puree, compote; soup with mashed rice, chicken meatballs, jelly; tea, cracker; steamed omelet and beetroot salad.Environment: protein omelet, jelly; baked apple with cottage cheese, rosehip broth; soup puree from vegetables, steam fish, compote; cottage cheese, tea; boiled fish, tea.shutterstock.comThursday: rice porridge, cracker, rosehip broth; vegetable broth, a piece of boiled fish, mashed potatoes, compote.Saturday: rice porridge, tea; baked apple, rosehip broth; vegetable broth, a piece of boiled beef, compote; tea, crackers; steamed omelette, jelly.Sunday: semolina porridge, cracker, rosehip broth; cottage cheese with chopped apple, tea; vegetable soup puree, meat soufflé, jelly; cottage cheese, tea, biscuits; semolina pudding, jelly.Healthy lifestyle channel with life hacks, diets, exercises in telegram! Subscribe

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