How to change the Globoplay plan

See how to change the Globoplay plan if you want to access more content through the TV Globo streaming platform or if you need to control expenses. With many options available, you are sure to find one that fits your budget and personal taste.

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It is important to note that, as soon as you make the change, the new plan takes effect and the charge will be the difference of the value of the new subscription, discounting the amount already paid for the current one. Check below how to change plans by cell phone and computer, and the differences between the plans.

How to change the Globoplay plan

Changing plans, both on the computer and on the cell phone is simple, but it is better to do it on the PC as it offers all the plan options available while switching to the cell phone only allows you to change to the Monthly Plan, so far.

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By the computer

  1. Go to Vitrine Globo and log into your account;
  2. Scroll down until you find "Explore our products";
  3. Filter the results using and find the plan you want;
  4. Click on "I want to subscribe";
  5. Change payment details, if necessary, to make the switch.
Filter the results and define what you want to change the Globoplay plan (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

by cell phone

So far the user can only switch from Globoplay only to Globoplay + live channels. Download Globoplay (Android | iOS) and follow the steps below.

    1. Open the application and log out of your account if you are logged in;
    2. Click on the access icon in the upper right corner;
    3. Click on "Be a subscriber";
    4. Choose the plan and log into your account again;
    5. Change the payment method, if necessary, and finish.
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Change plans through the Globoplay app (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

According to the site, if you have switched to the monthly plan, the user will receive a credit that will be automatic when paying through the cell phone store.

Plans available on Globoplay

Globoplay + live channels

Annual plan in the amount of R$ 514.18 that can be divided into up to 12 installments. The user has access to Deezer Premium for free for one year, three months of Apple TV+ and several live channels, such as Multishow, Globo News and SporTV. In addition, the user can download some content to watch offline and have access to five screens simultaneously.


Annual plan of R$ 238.80 that can be divided into up to 12 installments of R$ 19.90. With this plan, in addition to Deezer and Apple TV+ for the same period as the above plan. User can add two family members and download and watch content offline.

Globoplay + live channels and Premiere

Monthly plan worth R$ 89.90 where, in addition to Deezer Premium and Apple TV+ for the same time as the others, you have access to national football coverage and can add four people from the same family to enjoy Globo's streaming service.

Globoplay + live channels and Disney+

Monthly plan worth R$ 69.90 that allows access to both Globo channels and also access to Disney+ to enjoy your movies and series. If in doubt, check it out to see if Disney+ is worth seeing its catalog and plans. In addition, the plan allows for four simultaneous screens.

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Globoplay + live channels and Telecine

This monthly plan can be ideal for movie lovers as, in addition to live Globo channels, it allows access to more than 2000 Telecine movies. In addition, Deezer and AppleTV+ are available for free for the same period as the other plans. All this for R$ 74.90.

Benefits available in Globoplay plans (Screenshot: Rodrigo Folter)

Ready! In this way the user can change the Globoplay plan. Reinforcing that it is recommended to change the plan for the computer, as it allows better filtering of the available plans than the mobile application.

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