How Much Does Virat Kohli Earn from IPL?

Indian Premier League is, undoubtedly, the richest and biggest Cricket franchise across the world. The main credit of the investment peak in IPL goes to its investors. For such a wealthy and popular Cricket tournament, the bidding for any potential player would surely go to the sky.

And, who is not aware of the great Cricketer Virat Kohli. Apart from the game of the batsman, he is famous for other things as well. Virat is the highest-paid Cricketer on the planet and also, one of the most valuable and marketable athletes ever produced.

In this article, we will be discussing how much does Virat Kohli earns from IPL.

The Great Cricketer: Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli was born on 5th November 1988. He plays for Delhi in domestic cricket and is the former captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL. Virat has been a part of RCB since 2008 and has performed very well in the whole period.

Virat has led his IPL team Royal Challengers Bangalore, for several years as Captain and has also served as the Captain of the Indian Cricket team. But, as the team could not get too many trophies in the cabinet during his captaincy, the great sportsperson decided to step down from captaincy for the collective good. And this is what makes him a great sportsperson.

IPL journey 

Virat made his debut in the Indian Premier League in the year 2007 and became an integral member of RCB in the year 2008. The hard work and talent of the amazing skipper didn’t get unnoticed and he was made the captain of RCB in the year 2013.

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Virat Kohli also holds the record of scoring the most runs in a single IPL season, that is 973. He has performed on-field as well as out of the field very well. RCB was the only team to spread awareness regarding Green Revolution by changing their jersey color to green.

IPL earnings

Virat Kohli is the highest-paid Cricketer in this IPL season and globally as well. Despite having the maximum bidding amount in any IPL season, Virat is third on the list of the Cricketers who earned the most through IPL. The reason for this is that Virat was not the best in the starting phase of his career and hence, was paid less then.

The amount that was paid to Virat Kohli to play this season by the side of RCB is Rs. 170 million which is the maximum given to any other player. But if we talk of the total earnings from IPL, then captain cool tops the list. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has earned Rs. 1528 million since 2008 from IPL. Then comes Rohit Sharma, who has earned a total of Rs. 1466 million since 2008 whereas Virat is third on the list with Rs. 1432 million as his total earnings from IPL.

This is by far, what we have got from resources, regarding the IPL earnings of Virat Kohli. But, we should remember one thing that IPL is celebrated as a festival in India, and its reputation and love are far above money. Thus, money is secondary, what means most to the fans is their favorite team and its players.

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