How is the new luxury apartment on wheels that will begin to be manufactured this year

The construction of habitable environments inside vehicles is a trend that finds more and more examples around the world. On the one hand, there are the owners of buses or vans who decide to redirect their use, remodel them from scratch and turn them into a mobile home. On the other, there are manufacturers of motorized devices that design motorhomes of all sizes and quality. Far from the typical two-story bus in which music stars travel entire countries between recitals, there is this luxury caravan. Is about a 4×4 truck that is fully equipped to be inhabited while expeditions are carried out in high mountains. To resist low temperatures, it offers underfloor heating with heating whose energy is obtained through 840 W solar panels located on the roof, as well as air-conditioning for hot climates. The rest of the power is obtained from a 24 V 400 Ah lithium-ion battery pack that works based on an intelligent battery management system and voltage monitors. In line with this technology, the van also offers satellite internet and a four-camera 360-degree camera in the living room.It is equipped with all kinds of furniture and a complete Stone Offroad Design (SOD) kitchenThe Mercedes Benz model called SOD Rise 4×4 Unimog U5032 is equipped with luxury furniture distributed between full kitchen with electric burners, refrigerator, armchair, double bed, tables and various spaces to store objects. Both for the kitchen and for the bathroom, the vehicle also has fresh water that it gets from its 400 liter tank and carries another 150 liter gray water tank (those that are residual) on board. In turn, it has a fresh water pump with a pressure sensor and a UV, sediment and carbon filter.The 4x4 has a bed and armchairs where travelers can stayThe 4×4 has a bed and armchairs where Stone Offroad Design (SOD) travelers can be accommodatedThe vehicle is also made up of a full bathroom with shower, which is accessed by going down some internal stairs. It is decorated with a round mirror above the sink and a toilet with an avant-garde design in black.The caravan has a full bathroom with a showerThe caravan has a full bathroom with a shower Stone Offroad Design (SOD)Accommodating four passengers, contemplates the option that if you want to expand the space it is possible to raise the roof to have a better view of the outside. The 4×4 is also designed with a quad carrier, included in the rear of the vehicle. All these comforts are summarized in a price of €900,000, which translates to approximately $1.01 million.

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