Horror in Palermo: a 20-year-old girl was raped by six inside a parked car

The intervention of a couple of merchants from the Serrano block at 1300 was crucial to save a 20-year-old girl from the clutches of a group of young men who, for at least an hour, raped her inside a parked car there, in broad daylight, in the heart of Palermo Soho. The six defendants -several of them university students and at least one, a political activist in the north- are detained in different Buenos Aires police stations, waiting to be investigated for aggravated sexual abuse. Meanwhile, the young woman has already been discharged after being treated at the Rivadavia hospital and now she will receive psychological assistance. Police sources informed THE NATION that, after noon on Sunday, members of the 14A Neighborhood Police Station of the City Police arrived at 1300 Serrano to attend to a complaint about a flagrant sexual abuse made by a couple of merchants in the area. When they arrived at the place, after that call to 911, they found four people inside a Volkswagen Gol and two who were on the sidewalk, in a surveillance attitude.Those four young men were struggling with a girl, who offered little resistance while the men tried to drag her – even by the hair – out of the car. The police intervention put an end to the situation and meant the rescue of the young woman, who was semi-faded, although in one of those intervals of lucidity. He managed to state that he had been the victim of a gang rape. She also claimed that she did not know them and that she did not know how she had ended up in the car.The arrest of six young people who raped a 20-year-old girl inside a car in Palermo Soho According to reports, the six suspects, between 20 and 24 years old, They were arrested “for sexual abuse” seriously outrageous, aggravated by the number of participants. They were identified by investigative sources as Ramon Angel Pascual23 years old and domiciled in Laferrere; Tomas Fabian Dominguez21 and San Miguel; Lautaro Dante Ciongo Pasotti of 24 and residing in San Martín; Ignatius Return, 22 years old, from Munro; Steven Alexis Cuzzoni 20 years old and with address in Villa Crespo, and Franco Jesus Lykan, 24 years old, domiciled in Carapachay, Vicente López. Neither has a criminal record, according to police sources. THE NATION.According to information circulating on social media, two of them are classmates at the National University of San Martín (Unsam).In addition, at least one of them, Retondo, was a member of the Corriente Militante Lealtad Vicente López group, linked to La Cámpora. After hearing the case of group sexual abuse in Palermo Soho, More accusations against this young man appeared on social networks. At least one girl named him as the one who raped her when she was 14 years old. They pointed him out as a member of “Munro’s bar”.The councilor of the Frente de Todos for that district and referent of that group, Lucas Boyanovsky, repudiated the fact. On his Instagram account, in which he also introduces himself as director of the PAMI Local Management Unit VIII, Boyanovsky shared a statement from Lealtad Vicente López and stated: “It is our obligation to be relentless in the face of any form of gender-based violence.”Meanwhile, the 20-year-old girl was taken to the Rivadavia Hospital, where she was later reunited with her family. Inside the vehicle, four packages with marijuana stings (11.8 grams) were found, an LSD pill (lysergic acid, a powerful hallucinogen) and seven cell phones. All these elements were kidnapped by order of the Buenos Aires criminal and correctional judge Marcos Andrés Fernández. The Sexual Violence Office also intervened, which assisted the victim and her family, who live in Tigre. A baker from the block stated that, upon noticing the incident, and after calling 911, she tried to rescue the victim from the car, with help from her husband. But both were assaulted by some of the young men, while others continued to harass the young woman, who was making vain attempts to defend herself from sexual assault in broad daylight. “I saw that these young men were there, playing the guitar and smoking marijuana. I also saw that there was a woman and a man inside the car. Then I started to see more movement at the rear of the vehicle. They were several male. With my husband we approached and saw that they were insulting the girl. The one in the driver’s seat grabbed her by the hair and forced her to perform oral sex on him, and the ones behind her groped her. Then one came out and another came in. I called 911 desperate and told them to come quickly, that they were raping a girl, and I told them that I was going to help her, “said the merchant, Natalie Duarte, to the press. “I didn’t hear screams, the girl wasn’t screaming, she didn’t even have the strength to scream. The four young men were also with their pants down, they began to insult us and wanted to attack us. They also hit a neighbor who wanted to record what was happening with a cell phone, so that there would be proof of what we had seen. They left that neighbor bloodied, lying on the floor,” said the witness, who added that “everyone abused her, they were like animals.”Natalia Concepción, the baker who denounced the gang rape in Palermo Soho and who, together with her husband, intervened to rescue the victimTV CaptureHis intervention, precisely, was crucial to stop the outrage and hold the abusers until the arrival of the police. Natalia’s husband got into a fight with at least two of the young men, while the situation called for the participation of other neighbors. When the uniformed men arrived, one of the young men intended to drag the victim away. Others tried to leave the scene in different directions. “Two of them dragged the girl by her hair and arms, another two went the other way and the rest stayed around the place. We tried to stop them with a broomstick and a hair dryer,” the witness told the Télam news agency. She added: “The girl squeezed my hand and she thanked me. Almost guiltily, he repeated that he did not know how he had ended up there, that he did not know those young people and that he did not understand how he had ended up in the car.” According to sources of the investigation, it is suspected that the abusers took turns raping the girl, while the rest made sure that no one interrupted them. After the intervention of the police, dozens of neighbors surrounded the uniformed men and the car next to which, sitting on the road, were the young detainees, at whom they shouted “rapists!” At the same time, some questioned the delay of the troops in intervening and putting an end to the abuse. In this regard, The Minister of Justice and Security of Buenos Aires, Marcelo D’Alessandro, assured that the police mobile arrived at the indicated place four minutes after the call to 911. While highlighting the commitment of the neighbors and their crucial intervention, he stated that from the first moment, specialized female personnel from the City Police accompanied the victim and her family, while investigators from the force reviewed camera images and collected testimonies. to strengthen the accusation against the six detained suspects, who were housed in different dependencies to keep them separate and thus prevent them from agreeing on a statement about the facts.“Regarding the aberrant group rape yesterday in Palermo, it is necessary to emphasize that thanks to the commitment of the neighbors and the comprehensive security system of the City we were able to reach the scene in just 4 minutes and arrest all those involved. We immediately applied the victim care protocol and were there with her, to contain and support her. In addition, we were able to collect the relevant evidence inside the car, to bring it immediately to Justice. Since she was transferred to the hospital, female personnel from the City Police prepared for these situations stayed with her and her family. While we wait for the time that the victim needs to give a statement, we are already actively working on the images from the cameras and testimonies. To guarantee the clarification of the facts, we decided to house the detainees in different city halls so that they cannot agree on a statement among themselves. We are sure that the Justice will act immediately to determine the responsibilities and that these criminals cannot abuse anyone else again, ”the minister wrote on his Twitter account.

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