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His Name is Jeremiah Latest Release Date, Cast, Plot & Speculations All you need to know!

His Name is Jeremiah is an upcoming mystery thriller written by D.J. McPherson. The movie revolves around a young girl, and her battle after her mother gets out of jail with a gift. The film will be produced by Zero Gravity Management and Truth or Dare. 

His Name is Jeremiah: When Will The Movie Release?

The movie is one of the newest announcements, so there are not enough details regarding the plot or the film’s release yet made public. As far as the release date is concerned, it is being reported that the film will be released in 2023. But an exact release date is not yet available.

His Name is Jeremiah: Who’s In The Cast?

Award-winning screenwriter D.J. McPherson acts as the writer of the upcoming flick. Allie Loh, Jenny Lalor, Mark Williams, D.J. McPherson, and Jack Christian are producers. As of now, the makers of the film have not revealed a single detail regarding the cast of ‘His Name is Jeremiah.’

His Name is Jeremiah: What Is The Plot?

The official synopsis of the movie states,

“Struggling to adjust when her mother is released from prison, a lonely teen girl with a dangerous gift find solace helping a dead boy solve his own murder.”

No further details regarding the plot of the film have been made public yet. 

His Name is Jeremiah was awarded the Grand Prize in Animal Logic’s Truant Pictures Screenplay Competition. D.J. McPherson is known for her combination of thriller and mystery, which will hopefully engage the viewers in ‘His Name is Jeremiah.’  

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As of now, we are expecting new information about the movie to be revealed by the makers in the coming months. Because the release date is quite far, you are free to make predictions or give opinions about the film’s plot. 

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