Henry Cavill Finishes Enola Holmes 2 Filming!

The famous actor Henry Cavill has just announced the end of the shooting of “Enola Holmes 2”, a film to be found very soon on Netflix. To all the fans of “Enola Holmes” who are waiting for part 2. Please note that Henry Cavill has just finished shooting all of his scenes.

Enola Holmes 2
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Henry Cavill Is Done With “Enola Holmes 2”

Henry Cavill has just spoken on his Instagram account, to announce excellent news to subscribers who follow him. The famous actor has finished shooting his scenes in “Enola Holmes 2.”

“Today was my last day on ‘Enola Holmes.” He exclaimed in front of the camera. This means that the sequel to the film will soon be released on Netflix.

Despite this main info, the famous actor also took the opportunity to remind his subscribers of the importance of playing sports. Yes, yes, you heard very well.

“I spent all day telling myself that I wasn’t going to go out and do this jog. It was a little dark and a little cold. And I was convinced that there were good reasons not to run. But I left, I did it, I loved it and I feel really good.” Said Henry Cavill, still on his Instagram account.

Then he wanted to motivate the troops. “If you’re sitting at home thinking about not running today, put on your running shoes now, get out there, and do it. You will not regret it.” He added.


A Motivating Speech

Despite the crucial info delivered by Henry Cavill, Internet users thanked the actor for wanting to motivate them to do a little sport. Thus, many of them invaded the space dedicated to comments.

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“You made a post like this a few years ago that is really helping me get help and get over a depression that I was suffering from. Thanks for that, never stop motivating people.” Can we also read among the many messages? Henry Cavill is therefore a very motivating person, for his fans.

Others, on the other hand, wanted to react with more humour. “Same but it was a deadly day for me because I’m sober from 20 years of exercise and endurance.” Wrote a follower. Fortunately, Henry Cavill still managed to motivate a few of his subscribers to play sports.

And you, Henry Cavill he managed to motivate you with his speech about running as well as with his good news like the announcement of the end of the shooting of “Enola Holmes 2”?

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