Hellbound is Netflix’s Most-Watched TV Shows


Hellbound is Netflix’s Most-Watched TV Shows: This week’s most popular show on Netflix was Hellbound, the streaming service’s original Korean drama series. According to Netflix’s recently revealed Top 10 TV shows of November, Hellbound racked up over 43 million “hours seen” in its first three days of release. A new season of the K-dramas began airing on November 19th.

Squid Game (30 million viewers), Arcane (38 million viewers), and the second season of Tiger King have all been eclipsed by Hellbound rankings (30million).

This is the second week in a straight that Gadot’s action-comedy blockbuster Red Notice has been the most-watched film. Last Monday, Netflix released its official most-watched lists, including a new category dubbed “hours viewed.” As a part of the new website, users may choose for films and shows. Each of which includes an English and a non-English category. Additionally, users may view Top 10 rankings for certain nations.

Hellbound is one of the most watched television shows on Netflix

Among the most watched shows on Netflix this week was Hellbound. A Korean drama series produced by the streaming giant and shown worldwide. During its first three days of release. Hellbound amassed more than 43 million “hours viewed” on Netflix. According to the streaming service’s recently released Top 10 TV series of November. On November 19th, a new season of K-dramas began broadcasting on Korean television.

As Netflix told Time, “Finding the ideal way to quantify success in streaming is complicated. ALso,  there is no one perfect metric.” he said of the rankings. According to our research, “engagement as measured by hours seen is a significant predictor of a title’s happiness. So, This is vital for retention in subscription services.”

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Aside from that, the production of BTS Universe’s upcoming drama series Youth is rumored to have come to an end. As, the production company, Chorokbaem Media, claimed is presently in post-production to improve the “quality” of the series.

46 days in a row, Squid Game, which was released on September 19, retained the top rank. The series, which is notorious for its intense cruelty and gore, was seen by people in 94 countries in October. It is projected that Netflix has made. So, a new Netflix horror series, Hellbound, has overtaken Squid Game as the most popular show on the platform.


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