Healthy and delicious lettuce tacos

Innovating in the kitchen is an excellent idea to strengthen our relationship with healthy eating. Why? Because nothing like letting our imagination fly and creating delicious recipes, made at home, to our liking and, also, super healthy. That is why we share with you new ideas and options to prepare, regardless of the time you have or your culinary skills. Today we prepare some Healthy and delicious lettuce tacos. You want to try? Wait no more! There are many reasons why a person may try to justify their lack of adherence to a healthy diet. The most popular are the lack of time, lack of knowledge or even imagination when preparing a delicious dish. With the recipes we share on our blog, none of that will stop you. Healthy, simple, fast and original alternatives. Would you like to try one of the basics devised by our nutritionist Raquel (@raquel.vikikateam)? Go for it!

Healthy and delicious lettuce tacos

Let’s go with the recipe that will soon be an essential for you. Get the ingredients, the elaboration is sewing and singing!


The ingredients you will need are: Lettuce hearts. Avocado. Tomato. Red onion. Turnip. Cucumber. Corn. Boiled egg. Tuna. Prawns. For the sauce Natural protein yogurt. Lemon. Garlic powder. Pepper mix. Dill.


The elaboration process It is very simple: Mix the avocado, tomato, turnip, onion, cucumber and eggs in a bowl, all finely chopped. Add the corn and stir well. This will be the filling for our tacos. Wash the lettuce leaves and put them on a plate, fill with the mixture and go prepare the sauce. For the sauce, put the natural yogurt in a small bowl, add the garlic powder, the pepper, a squeeze of lemon and dill. Pour a teaspoon of sauce over the filling of each of the tacos. Put a peeled shrimp on top of these and… Enjoy! As you can see, the recipe for healthy lettuce tacos does not have any difficulty, nor will it take you too long. Get to work and, if you feel like it, share the results on networks and mention us at @vikikateam and @vikikacosta so we can see them. We love to hear your opinion!

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