“He wanted me to die. I poisoned with pills. How the father of the legendary hockey player Bure was accused of assassination by his own mother

Maxim Samartsev Including why Pavel did not communicate with his dad for a long time. Despite the absence of the Stanley Cup, Pavel Bure can be attributed to one of the most successful Russian hockey players in the NHL. For 12 seasons in the best league in the world, Russian Rocket became a legend of Vancouver, was recognized as the best scorer of the regular season and made a huge number of fans around the world fall in love with his game. However, in the personal life of the pupil of CSKA, everything is not as smooth as in a hockey career – Pavel did not communicate with his own father for many years. And there is an explanation for this fact. Firstly, Bure Sr. harbored a grudge against his father in early childhood: when Pavel was only 8 years old, Vladimir Bure left the family for another woman, who by that time had already given birth to a daughter from him. The mother of hockey brothers named Tatyana raised them on her own, so Pavel and Valery had to not only provide her with moral support, but also take on the heavy burden of household duties for very young children. into the oven. Pashka had more responsibility: he is an adult, three years older. He considered himself a real family man – Valke strictly like this: “Vacuum, wash the dishes.” I run to work myself, I have no time, and Pashka took Valka to the garden and brought him like dad. Of course, there was everything: Valka somehow fell into the river in the winter, and Pasha pulled him out, ”said Tatyana Bure.RIA Novosti Over time, the ice in the relationship between son and father melted, so when Pavel went to the Vancouver that drafted him, not only his brother and mother, but also Vladimir flew with him. One of the terms of Russian Rocket’s contract with the Canucks was that his father be given a position as a personal physical trainer. Vladimir worked side by side with his son for many years, and everything was wonderful. But at some point, their relationship went wrong again. Neither Paul nor his father spoke about the exact reasons for the new quarrel. But based on the words of Vladimir, who briefly touched on this topic in one of the few interviews, it can be assumed that money is somehow involved in this whole story. “What happened? Certain people and circumstances intervened. Someone wanted to take revenge on me and alienate me from my eldest son. And someone in this way was looking for material gain. I was Pasha’s official business agent. Responsible for advertising contracts. Everyone knows how I worked with Pasha, how much work I invested. Well, how he appreciated it … Well, his right. Before, I was hurt and offended. I take it more calmly. The eternal problem of fathers and children. I’m not the first, I’m not the last, unfortunately, ”said Vladimir Bure. Another reason for the crisis in relations between father and son, most likely, was the statement of Pavel’s grandmother, Lyudmila Bure. In one of the interviews, she said that she didn’t even want to talk about her son Vladimir, the father of the former Vancouver forward. “And this is not because he left Tatyana with two small children because of his mistress, a girl of easy virtue. And his illegitimate daughter is a stranger to me, although she bears our last name. I’m talking about something else. For two years, Volodya turned me into a sick person. What he did is the worst thing that has happened in my life. I cry every day. I tore all the photos of my son. Threw things in the trash. So that his spirit was not here! ”, – the grandmother of the Canucks legend was indignant.Sergei Fadeichev, photo.khl.ru As Lyudmila Ermovna said, in 2005 her son returned to Moscow from America and lived with her for about a month. Once Vladimir brought a stranger to the apartment and asked his grandmother to sign some papers – Lyudmila suggests that this was a power of attorney to transfer the apartment to ownership. “To take possession of the apartment, Volodya went to a clear deception. He actually wanted me to die. Poisoned with pills. And he told everyone that I was crazy. He himself played his dirty deeds behind my back. The passport was stolen. Then he sent me a new one. My head was full of pills. He hoped that I would soon leave for another world. After all, she weighed 46 kilograms in total! Bones covered with leather,” said Lyudmila Bure.Vladimir Bezzubov, photo.khl.ruFrom further stories of Lyudmila Ermovna, it follows that her son told her through his lawyer that he had bought an apartment from her for 200 thousand rubles. But she was not going to give up so easily and fought for her housing for about two years. Vladimir Bure’s mother even turned to Vyacheslav Fetisov for help, but he, as a bosom friend of her son, did not believe in the fraudulent intentions of the father of two famous hockey players. “Here again, behind the lines I see forces that want to take revenge on me. From what is written, there is so much that is not true! I don’t have words to explain all this somehow, ”Vladimir commented on the words of his mother. Nothing is known about the relationship between Pavel and Vladimir Bure now. Sometimes Bure Sr. appears on the Russian Rocket’s wife’s Instagram, but it seems that he communicates more with his daughter-in-law and grandchildren. However, even if the father and son established contact, the fact remains that they lost several decades of communication due to constant quarrels and scandals.

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