Has Alice In Borderland’s Makers Confirmed About Season 2 Coming Back On?

Alice In Borderland

Shinsuke Sato the prominent director came with a Japanese science fiction drama in 2020. The title of the drama is Alice In Borderland and it is based on the manga of a similar title by Haro Aso. it was announced in 2019. The Japanese series arrived on Netflix. More than a year passed since Alice In Borderland arrived for the first time. There are a lot of fans who are eagerly waiting for the second season of the same. If you are a Squid Game fan then you can relate to this. Now you don’t need to wait for the long duration for the second season. Fans were not sure about the second season but makers have confirmed the return of Alice In Borderland.

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Alice In Borderland Expected Airing Date

Confirmed dates from the creators of Alice In Borderland is not out yet. But the return of the new season is assured. The first season came at the end of 2020 and after 15 days they announced season 2. But sources say that the shooting for the new season was not renewed even by the nid of 2021. So even if the production is started there is no surety of new episodes in 2022. We can expect Alice In Borderland season 2 in mid-2022. This is our assumption and whenever confirmed dates will be out we will update here.

The storyline of Alice In Borderland season 2: What you can expect?

As the series is based on Haro Aso’s manga series. Season 1 has covered approximately half of it. Last season ended with Arisu who had survived all the deadly games but on the way to winning he lost his best friends Chota and Korube. After a deadly massacre, Arisu identified Momoka as the Witch. And it leads to more disclosure that Asahi and Momoka were sabotaging the games purposefully.

The storyline of Alice In Borderland season 2 is still a big secret. We can expect Mira to play an important role and she will come up with a different game. Hope that the plot of next season will be as exciting as the previous one.

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Filming the series is still going and it is expected that it will end super soon and we can expect series in the third quarter of 2022. The trailer will be out near the release date.


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