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Harvard debunks the myth: Drinking coffee daily is good for our health for all these reasons

Multiple myths have always existed around coffee. As with any food, its excess can be detrimental to our health. Now, lovers of it enjoy each of their drinks and should know that it also includes different benefits. This has been confirmed by a Harvard study, which recently also notified the list of foods that can be taken to lower cholesterol. Boukje van Gelder, a medical expert at the prestigious Harvard University, has made a new discovery about coffee, one of the most consumed products worldwide. According to it, the habit of taking it every morning has a direct impact on the body, but not at a negative level.

Obviously its excess, due to the dose of caffeine, can generate an alteration of the nervous system. The main conclusion of the Harvard study is clear: drinking coffee on a daily basis is good for taking care of our brain. This theory has been confirmed after thoroughly analyzing the body of 676 adults; an analysis of ten years in which the study subjects drank different amounts of coffee.

Coffee drinkers have better cognitive impairment

What is cognitive impairment? It is defined as the decline of the cognitive functions of the organism. Taken to a serious state dementia would be reported. Characterized by: Memory problems Language Problems with thoughts/judgments

Gelder’s study showed that people who drank coffee had less cognitive decline than those that did not. Even those subjects who consumed three cups of coffee a day were reported. These had a drastically greater impact than those that took more or less.

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Is the coffee good?

Boukje van Gelder explained that coffee has a number of benefits in the body of an average adult.

First of all, the usual caffeine in coffee increases the serotonin and also acetylcholine, two of the substances that are responsible for stimulating the brain and that they stabilize the blood-brain barrier (a network of blood vessels and tissue that prevents substances that are harmful from affecting our brain). Secondly, the small nutrients (micronutrients) in coffee prevent tissue damage by free radicals, a type of molecule that could lead to cancer. to finish, coffee has high proportions of trigonelline, derived from vitamin B6 and that has antioxidant effects, responsible for also protecting the blood vessels of the brain.

Coffee metrics: How many per day?

Gelder specifies that it varies greatly depending on the geographical area and the proportions of the coffee/water mixture. In any case, the consumption of between two and four cups per day is recommended. This would be:

Less than 400 mg of caffeine Plus, said medical expert recommends drinking coffee made from freshly ground beans and if they are dark roasted better, since they reduce unwanted chemicals.

You should know that unfiltered coffee increases cholesterol levels, although if you are looking to reduce your levels in this regard, you will be interested in the following news:

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Advice linked to the habitual consumption of coffee according to CNBC

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