Harry Styles: Will He Return For More MCU Films After Eternals?

Harry Styles

Eternals arrived in cinemas on November 5, but a piece of exciting news had leaked on the web two weeks earlier, which not everyone had believed. According to an insider, Harry Styles appeared in the film in the role of Eros, brother of Thanos. And so it was: Watermelon Sugar’s artist shows up in the film’s first post-credit scene playing Starfox himself. Now that the news is inevitable, what will be Harry Styles’ future in the MCU?

The singer’s appearance in the much-discussed ensemble film has made many wonder how significant his role will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As we know, his part in Eternals is small, but his character is essential, especially in the comics. Starfox is Thanos’ brother. But what is the direction that Marvel Studios want to take with the introduction of this character? According to Giant Freaking Robot internal sources, the answer is clear.

Harry Styles is set to become a staple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The public should already be preparing to see it much more and more and more often. Therefore, from the GFR source, it appears that the actor has signed a contract for five films in total. Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, promised great things for the future of Harry Styles. It, therefore, seems that a solo project for Starfox is now a distinct possibility.

Something Big Is Coming In The Near Future

Everything the source reported indicated that Marvel Studios, once again, used the post-credit scene to anticipate a crucial part of their cinematic universe. This had already happened with Samuel L. Jackson when he appeared in the post-credit scene of Iron Man. It seems that Harry Styles is preparing for a massive future in the MCU, something comparable then to the many appearances of Nick Fury.

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Although it has been revealed that Harry Styles has signed a five-film deal with Marvel Studios, it has not been confirmed which films he should appear in. Eternals 2 may be one of those films, but the film is not yet official. Since this is Thanos’ brother, it is common to imagine that Eros will appear in different projects.

The Thanos Legacy

Thanos is now gone, but his legacy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues, and it looks like Eros will appear in future films to help deal with the ramifications of his brother’s actions. In the comics, trying to thwart Thanos was one of Starfox’s tasks, which has always been his brother’s opposite. He is carefree, cheerful and loves adventure, while Thanos always thinks about death and destruction.

In the comics, the two face off multiple times, although audiences will not see a confrontation between the two unless they choose to show flashback scenes to tell the relationship between the two. We don’t know how Thanos ‘ snap impacted Harry Styles’ Eros life, but we’ll find out soon.

Finally, we repeat that any official source has not confirmed the news on Harry Styles’ contract with Marvel Studios. In addition to his future in the MCU, the actor will return to theatres with Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman.


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