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Harley-Davidson prepares new range of electric motorcycles

That the American brand Harley-Davidson has been producing electric motorcycles for a long time is no secret. So, 3 years after launching its first green motorcycle, it decided to create a separate patent, entitled LiveWire, to take care of this segment. Among the particularities, the Arrow architecture is one of the highlights.

With this, the machines will be inspired a lot by the EDT600R concept, unveiled in 2020. Therefore, there will no longer be a chassis that embraces the battery, but an exclusive support for this function. The structure will be produced in aluminum alloy.

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Premium features will be implemented on electric Harley-Davidson

The steering head, electronic control unit and radiator, which are located in front of the accumulator. Therefore, the charging battery and the other elements will be connected directly to it, which will allow you to reduce the weight considerably. Of course, the measurements will change depending on the model manufactured. Regarding the size of the batteries, we will have those that will measure 50, 100, 350 and 400 volts.

In our poll, we received information that the new LiveWire models will likely have a Flat Tracker design. The S3 version is expected to be a motorcycle with less power, while the S4 will have a greater appeal for maximum performance. See some images in the gallery below and get an idea of what lies ahead.

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And talking about electric motorcycles, a few months ago we published an article in which we give more details about LiveWire . In it, the CEO of HD, Jochen Zeitz, highlighted that the launch of the new brand is part of a Hardwire strategy, which provides leadership in the segment, in addition to the arrival of new models, such as the big trail Pan America.

And you, what did you think of this news? Want to fly an electrically powered Harley-Davidson? Tell us in the comments!

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