Happiness K – Drama has announced its comeback soon , increasing the essence of excitement for its viewers !

Happiness K-Drama

The most awaited South Korean drama “Happiness” is on its way to giving us happiness. The drama holds a taste of action, drama, thriller, and fantasy, created by the Studio Dragon. The show was composed by Han Sang-Woon along with the direction of Ahn Gil-Ho. Starring the stars, namely Han Hyo-Joo, Park Hyung-Sik, Jo Woo-jin, play significant roles. It is originated in South Korea in the Korean language. The show streamed on tvN, TVING, and iQiyi on November 5 2021. The series holds 12 episodes with around 70 minutes each.

Happiness K-Drama
image source = allkpop.com

image source = allkpop.com

On May, 7th 2021, the script reading and cast took place and went viral, gathering the attention of its viewers. It was reported that the casting for the show is now come to an end and was started on May 11. The makers also confirmed the release date of the show.

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The show’s storyline takes us back to when contagious diseases spread and took their place in the real world. The series deals with class discrimination and psychological fight that is a part of the lifestyle in metro cities. Discrimination is seen in allotting the constructed apartments, where the higher level is for sale, and the lower is for rented purposes.

The Strick of a new type of contagious sickness which causes unappreciable thirst making the city unstable. The socio norms and the virus took over the residents of the place, leaving no option for them instead survive in a new habitat.

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The show’s trailer was scheduled to be released three weeks before the show’s premiere, and the viewers can easily watch the trailer over tvN.

In the show, Han Hyo-Joo is assigned a role of an officer to a special task force. She resembles a strong, dedicated woman who cannot be easily ruffled. She is seen in a show as a home seeker looking for a new place to reside, but sooner she is confronted with a problem.

Park Hyung-sikas Jung Yi -Hyun was seen as a detective who is intelligent and capable to be trusted. He falls victim to love for Sae-boom for a long time in the same high school. After school, the two also graduated from the same place.

Jo Woo-jin as Han Tae -Seok was seen as a lieutenant colonel who works for a health service department. He plays an essential role in the outbreak of the disease.


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