Hanna Season 3: When To Expect The Arrival?

Hanna Season 3

Amazon representatives rate David Farr’s talent exceptionally highly. They are sure that only this person can maintain the proper level of the show. As for Farr himself, by announcing the release date for the new season 3 of Hanna, he promised the audience some real action. By the way, the screenwriter hinted that he would place the main character in new uncharted territory. Here’s everything a fan must know about the third season of Hanna.

Hanna Season 3: When Will It Release?

Officially, the release date for Hanna Season 3 is scheduled for November 24, 2021. The upcoming installment of the series will include six episodes. Recall that the multi-season series by David Farr is based on the feature film of the same name in 2010. The action crime show is streaming on Amazon, and while the company does not provide accurate viewer data, it is clear that the work is in high demand among viewers.

Hanna Season 3: What Is The Plot?

During an interview with the show’s producer, Farr, he revealed that he was pleased with the show’s continuation. He thanked the service for the opportunities that had opened up and promised the audience an exciting third act. The show’s ratings showed excellent results, so the makers had no reason to close the project.

Fourteen-year-old Hanna does not know anything about the modern world, but she is fluent in foreign languages ​​and survival skills. Kidnapped as a child, the main character was raised by a CIA agent on the run, who decided to save the girl from the unenviable fate of an “ideal soldier.” Growing up, Eric Heller’s ward chooses to find out the truth about her origins.

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In the second season, the main character unites with her former enemy Marissa Wigler. Now the Utrax employee decides to go against the system, as well as her mentor John Carmichael. Soon, Marissa, along with a new partner, uncovers a giant conspiracy.

The show by David Farr, who co-authored the original full-length film, premiered at the 2019 Berlin Film Festival. It is worth noting that the most fastidious critics highly appreciated the work of the scriptwriter and producer. Unsurprisingly, fans weren’t asking themselves when Hanna Season 3 would release as they knew a sequel would occur.

Hanna Season 3: Who’s In The Cast?

In the third season, we expect to see the return of:

  • Esme Creed-Miles as Hanna
  • Yuelle Kinnaman as CIA Agent Eric.
  • Mireille Inos as a former Utrax employee.
  • Dermot Mulroney as the mentor of Marissa Carmichael.
  • McArthur Warad Sethou as a CIA Analyst



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