Hanna Season 3

Hanna Season 3 Release Date And Trailer Is Here!

On November 24, 2021, all six episodes from Season 3 of ” Hanna ” will appear on Amazon Prime Video. As it became known today, the upcoming 3rd chapter of the action-packed agent series will also be the last. “Hanna” ends with the upcoming 3rd season, reports EW.

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David Farr, the showrunner of “Hanna”, told his colleagues that it was “always the intention” to end the series with season 3. The series “Hanna” has a “very clear story arc”, and now it is “the 3rd and last season”.

“Hanna” Season 3: This Is What Viewers Can Expect In The Final Episodes

About a month ago, a first high-voltage trailer got in the mood for the final episodes of the Amazon Prime series. It was also announced that Ray Liotta (“GoodFellas”) would star in Season 3.

In addition, according to the US site TVLine, the relationship between the main character Hanna and the former CIA agent Marissa Wiegler (Mireille Enos) will be of central importance. In season 3, the two formerly evil characters would understand each other better and act on an equal footing.

“Hanna” Season 3: Is There A Release Date?

Since Amazon Prime Video had previously confirmed the sequel to the drama series about a genetically modified teenage assassin. The second season is scheduled to release on November 24 2021. 

“Hanna” Season 3: What’s Next?

The plot of the film “Who is Hanna?” has already processed the Amazon series in season 1 and changed it so that the story can be continued in several seasons. Among other things, Marissa Wiegler stayed alive in the series and is now helping Hanna while she dies in the film. With John Carmichael, “Hanna” got a new villain in season 2 and thus proved that Hanna’s fight against Utrax could theoretically be stretched to an indefinite length.

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Especially since the 2nd season of “Hanna” with the words “And? What now?” ended, viewers were left with many questions. Who are the mysterious “pioneers”? Will we see Clara again? Or will Marissa and Hanna manage to infiltrate Utrax as double agents in season 3?

You see, there is still a lot to do in terms of content to bring the story of “Hanna” to a satisfactory end because showrunner David Farr spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his plans to end the series with a third and final act. Unfortunately, an end after season 3 seems certain.

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