Halloween: 6 TV Shows & Movies To Look Forward To 

Halloween is the night when the world of ghosts and dead should be very close to ours. Who doesn’t get a shiver down their spine? If you don’t feel like going to a costume party, you still have the option to spend a scary evening in front of the TV.

There is luck for the necessary horror fix Netflix, Amazon Prime and Co. We have collected a top selection of series and films with the right pinch of fear and horror for you. Let the party begin.

1) Haunting of the Bly Manor

The Netflix production “Haunting of the Bly Manor” is the second part of the anthology series “Haunting of the Hill House”. The Wingrave’s nanny is drawn into the dark secrets of the old mansion. Excitement and spook guaranteed.

2) Stranger Things

Stranger Things” is not a pure horror series, but it has some surprises in store that will make your heart beat faster. A boy disappears without a trace. A terrible creature from another world is after blood. There are also secret research institutions and mysterious Russians. In any case, there is enough excitement for Halloween evening.

3) The Walking Dead

When talking about zombie series, there is no getting around “The Walking Dead”. In the dystopian world, it’s not just the undead that threatens the main characters. It’s pretty bloody and brutal, not for the faint of heart, and perfect for a Halloween binge marathon.

4) The Purge

“Purge” is based on a film series of the same name, the first part of which was released in 2013. All crimes, including murder, are legal during the annual “Purge Night” in the series. But while the films only illuminate the events during the “Purge”, the series also tells the preparation for the “Murder Night”.

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5) American Horror Story

The popular anthology series “American Horror Story” has researched the fear of the supernatural and the horrors of everyday life anew every season since 2011. Halloween is fascinating in the horror series, where the boundaries between this and the next are blurred. In “Murder House”, the ghosts can leave the house like this, while it is at least mentioned in the other seasons.

6) Psycho

Even after 60 years, Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” is still an absolute classic. The thriller captivates in black and white, with iconic music and the scene in the shower. Even today, many horror films try to imitate their tension. Anthony Perkins as the psychopath Norman Bates makes your blood run cold the perfect movie for Halloween

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