Hailee Steinfeld: Lesser Known Facts About The ‘Hawkeye’ Star

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld hasn’t just been a name in Hollywood since she was announced that the young actress would take on the lead role in “Hawkeye.” Steinfeld already had an Oscar nomination when the rising star was not even of legal age, But we don’t want to go too far ahead.

Hailee Steinfeld hasn't just been a name in Hollywood since she was announced that the young actress would take on the lead role in "Hawkeye.
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Age, Place Of Birth, and Family

Hailee Steinfeld was born on December 11, 1996, in Los Angeles (California). She is currently 24 years old (as of November 17, 2021) and has an older brother (Griffin) who makes his living as a Nascar driver. Her parents don’t have any “standard jobs” either: her mother is an interior designer, her father was a fitness trainer. 

Hailee Steinfeld Was A Cheerleader

Her big brother was a football player for six years, and Hailee was always at the forefront during that time. Because it was precisely that she was working as a cheerleader and cheered on her brother from the sidelines.

Her Cousin Inspired Her To Act

She owes it indirectly to her extended family that she now earns her money as an actress. At the age of 8, she came up with a commercial where her cousin had a role and told her parents that she wanted to do the same. Her parents made a compromise: if she took acting classes for a year, her parents would also allow her to pursue this career dream. The lessons have paid off.

She Received An Oscar Nomination At The Age Of 14

Incredible, but true: at the age of just 14, Hailee Steinfeld was already able to look forward to her first Oscar nomination. In the film “True Grit,” in which she played the role of Mattie Ross, she delighted not only the critics but also the audience. At the casting, she was able to prevail against over 15,000 other applicants.

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Hailee Steinfeld Loves Cheeseburgers

Who could blame her? The actress is such a big fan of fast food that she never misses an opportunity to have a cheeseburger. She has made it a tradition to try a new cheeseburger in every new place, especially the short version. Just rolls, cheese, and patties. Maybe avocado if there is one. The star doesn’t need more to be happy.

Does Hailee Steinfeld Have A Boyfriend?

Many rumors surround Hailee Steinfeld’s relationships. Fans argue about who she was really with now and who she wasn’t. Possible ex-boyfriends include well-known stars such as Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, and Niall Horan. She had the only real official relationship with Cameron Smoller in 2016. The two were seen together more often, and a shared Insta photo proves that things were severe. However, the emphasis is on “was” because, in November 2017, the two unfortunately separated. At least they’re still friends.



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