Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3: Release Date? Is Thor Returning?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is one of Marvel’s most anticipated movie arrivals of 2023, yes you read it right, 2023. And there’s a reason behind it. Are you curious to know when Guardians of the Galaxy 3 comes out? We can finally answer this much-requested question. In fact, the film will debut in theatres in the USA on a release date of May 5, 2023. Only then will fans of the saga be able to return to enjoy the adventures of these beloved characters.

Director James Gunn confirmed in July that shooting on the film will begin in Georgia in November. And so it was! In fact, Gunn posted a photo on November 8 to celebrate returning to the set with the cast. The filming of the Galaxy 3 Guardians began

What Might Happen In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3? 

It all starts with the word  “SEARCHING”, which appears on Quill’s map, next to Gamora’s face. What fate has struck the  Gamora of the past after Tony’s snap? Did she disappear with Thanos’ allies back to her time or did she die? Or instead, given her lack of loyalty to Thanos, has she remained in her new timeline? If this were the case, one wonders where is she and for some reason, she was not at the side of her friends at the funeral scene or on the spaceship again? 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer all these questions, if not in the next few years, given that the question related to director James Gunn, first fired and then hired by Disney, delayed its production. Additionally, James Gunn is working on  The Suicide Squad 2.

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Thor in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

After Endgame, Thor gives Valkyrie the new Asgard, leaving his role as king to his friend. It is therefore imagined that his more human character will be the path that will be followed with Thor, as already seen in  Infinity War and in  Endgame. Then  Thor sets off with the Guardians of the Galaxy, renamed ‘Asgardians of the Galaxy’, to new places and adventures. We can therefore assume that the  God of Thunder returns in the company of  Peter, Drax, Groot, Rocket, Nebula and Mantis, perhaps launched in search of Gamora.


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