Google Nest vs Amazon Thermostat- Which One Is Better?

Google has always been a big giant in the field of artificial intelligence. Its most used feature is its search engine. To automate our life to a much bigger extent, Google launched its new service called Google Nest.

It is a line of smart home products like speakers, smart displays, thermostats, streaming services etcetera. One of the most astonishing services among them was the Google thermostat.


The functioning of Google’s thermostat is such that through it we can control the temperature of our room from a faraway place. 

Here, we will be comparing Google’s thermostat with its new most competition, that is, Amazon’s thermostat.

Announcement of Amazon Thermostats

It’s just been two days since Amazon has launched its thermostat to compete with one of Google’s. Google now may be facing tough competition in this field as well.

As Amazon’s A.I. Alexa has to prove its utility in most of the technology-related and voice automation works. The functioning of the thermostat is quite similar to Google’s thermostat. But just like any other Amazon product, this will also be controlled by Alexa.

Google Nest vs Amazon Thermostat- Comparison

Now, it’s time to compare the two thermostats based on some crucial features like design, price, controls, and usage.

1. Design

Both Google and Amazon have tried their best to give their thermostats a premium finish. Google thermostat gives a glossy finish in a round-shaped box whereas Amazon thermostat looks a bit more rugged due to its square and rough outlook.

2. Price

This is the area in which Amazon has tried its best to grasp a big portion of buyers.

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Google’s product costs about $800 whereas Amazon has the thermostat available for about $500 in the market. Moreover, Amazon is also giving discounts to its premium users.

3. Controls

Both the products being voice-automated need some A.I. for their functioning and controls. Not to mention, both Google and Amazon have their designated A. I. which are already frequent in use. Google thermostat is controlled by the Nest app whereas Amazon’s thermostat can be accessed by Alexa.

4. Usage

Both the thermostats have the typical function of controlling the room temperature on their own or by being instructed by us.

Where to buy it?

We may purchase these thermostats on any of the well-established shopping websites. But going by the generic trend, we can buy each of them from their origin company’s portal as well, as they should be the ones giving us the best deal.

We may purchase Google Nest Thermostat by going through this link.

Similarly, we may buy an Amazon thermostat from the Amazon shopping portal.

Plus, the irony is that Google store, being a Google products seller only, sells products made by Google only. But, as Amazon is a well-diversified portal, we can buy Google thermostats there also.

The Gist of the discussion

Now, the question comes that what should be the first choice of a buyer, while purchasing a thermostat. We all know, that both the companies have their loyal customers, who will only purchase their products no matter what the other seller is providing. In this regard, Amazon has an upper edge, as it is more friendly and interacting with the user and even offers prime membership for unimaginable discounts and services.

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But if we talk of the market value, then Amazon has just introduced these two days back, whereas Google launched it in 2010, hence Google has already created a platform for and of its users. Thus, it solely depends upon one’s interest, spending capacity, and loyalty that whose product would he buy.

Both the companies are tech giants in their respective fields and one thing can be assured that none of them would have left any stone unturned in providing the best of product and service to their customers.