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Google introduces a distress call feature to Wear OS

Google will soon launch a distress call feature in Wear OSa feature that will work in a similar way to distress calls on Android smartphones and that It will allow you to easily contact the emergency services and trusted relatives or acquaintances in the event of an emergency.
In the case of smartphones, Android has long allowed, after configuring emergency contacts, press 5 times the power button to cause an emergency call. For now it is not clear how this would work on a Wear OS smartwatch.but detection methods like those of the Apple Watch have not been mentioned either.
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Let’s remember that in the case of the Apple Watch, the watch itself can call emergencies if a fall or strong blow is detected and the user does not respond, so technically it is still a superior product. In any case, any startup is good and more so when it comes to security features, so they never hurt.
For now it is unknown when this feature will reach users’ watchesbut taking into account the relatively little care that Google gives to Wear OS compared to the rest of the company’s software products -such as Android-could still be a long time for it.

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