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Google announces that Steam will come to some Chromebooks

by Jordi Bercial 3 hours ago We recently echoed through the Chrome OS code that Steam was about to reach some Chromebooks, and as we can see on Engadget, It finally turns out that these rumors were true. As Google announced at the Games Developer Summit, an Alpha version of Steam will be available for a select group of Chromebooks.

For now, Google indicated that players would have to go to a Chromebook community page that does not exist, so the information is scarce, but if we listen to the leak we had in hand, the Chromebooks that will be able to access Steam would be the HP Pro c640 G2, ASUS Chromebook CX9 and Flip CX5, three Chromebooks from Acer and one from Lenovo yet to be released.

In general, as we read in the note, it seems that the limitation will have to do with the processors, that they will have to be at least eleventh generation, and have at least 7GB of RAM, so that computers with 8GB of RAM may be included in this test. Being an Alpha version of Steam, it is clear that the support will be more and more extensive, so we do not have to think for now that only the mentioned Chromebooks will be able to play games through Steam. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments or come to our Forum!
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