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GoodRAM IRDM SODIMM DDR4 improves the performance of your laptop and MiniPC


The laptop industry is at a crossroads where the user is not only asking for larger and lighter, more powerful and complete formats, but this is also leading to things that we used to take for granted, such as being able to expand certain components of our computer, is becoming an extraordinary benefit. Users too, due to rising costs and our own environmental awareness, want our computers to last longer and upgrading certain components has always been the cheapest and most efficient way to improve the life of our investment in a laptop.

Currently it is difficult, in certain product ranges, to find laptops where we can expand the RAM memory. We will only find certain security in gaming laptops and for creators where manufacturers, and users, are still receptive to sacrificing a few extra millimeters of thickness to be able to expand the system’s RAM memory. For these cases GoodRAM has its memories DRAM IRDM SODIMM 3200 with capacities between 8 and 16GB per module. They are memories with XMP 2.0 profiles that allow maximum speeds in gaming laptops and for creators with low latencies CAS16-18-18. Perfect for combining low latencies with high frequencies and excellent compatibility with modern gaming systems.
Geeknetic GoodRAM IRDM SODIMM DDR4 improves the performance of your Laptop and MiniPC 2
This type of memory, in SODIMM format, is currently used in laptops and other compact NUC-type systems. They are suitable for both since they keep consumption and voltage within the standard, with lower frequency modes at 1.2v, developing all their power at 3200MHz effective at a voltage of 1.35v. They are modules, as you can see in the images, that have their own low-profile metal heatsink, which maintains physical compatibility and adds extra cooling to the memories. GoodRAM offers us a lifetime guarantee on these memories, which are manufactured in the European Union. Apart from the fastest modules, 3200MHz, We can also find versions of 2133, 2400 and 2666 to adapt their performance to the possibilities of our system.

XMP 2.0 Profiles

Another advantage of these modules is that you will not have to do anything to take full advantage of their factory settings since the best performance profile they can access is recorded in the XMP 2.0 profile integrated in the control chip of the module. In this way make them work at their 3200MHz.
It also has other JEDEC standard profiles to ensure that the memories will be compatible with any PC on the market. that supports DDR4 memory in SODIMM format. This standardization makes the work of configuring the memories null for the user and also guarantees that the stability of the system will be superior. JEDEC profiles include industry standards at 1037 and 1066MHz with standard voltage of 1.2v. This is what assures us that the modules work on any PC, even industrial PCs where taking advantage of XMP 2.0 profiles is the least of their integrators’ worries.

The advantages of expanding and/or changing the RAM of our system

Currently it is not easy to find laptops that have the option to expand RAM, although there are exceptions, especially in the world of gaming laptops, where users still demand this possibility as one of the necessary features to buy a new laptop.
Geeknetic GoodRAM IRDM SODIMM DDR4 improves the performance of your laptop and MiniPC 3
If we are lucky, or we have chosen well, then we can find that the integrator has done its job well and has installed quality memories and has left, from the factory, some extra expansion space so that we can give it a touch of performance and additional capacity to the system. This second is more complicated, normally we will find ourselves in the situation that if we want to expand RAM we will have to change the ones that are already installed. This happens because mounting the memories in pairs allows us to access the dual channel modes of any modern RAM controller. It is also good that the memories that are installed, in dual channel, have the same speed, voltage and latency performance. This will allow us to improve performance and compatibility. If we accompany the change of memories with an increase in capacity, then we will be giving ourselves an extra working capacity to the system. Any modern operating system, be it Windows 10, Windows 11 or Linux, will appreciate the more RAM we can provide., even if not all of it is working in dual channel. An advantage of modern controllers is that they can work in asymmetric modes. If we have an 8GB RAM module, perhaps integrated on the board, and we install 16GB of RAM in an extra module, the first 16GB of RAM, 8+8GB, will work in dual channel and the remaining 8GB, of the total 24GB, they will work in simple channel. It will be a somewhat slower access, but having more capacity always improves the loss of performance that may be caused by momentarily losing the dual-channel mode in accessing that part of the RAM.

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How to expand the memory of your laptop or compact system

The increasingly elaborate designs of many notebooks, and the natural tendency to make them slimmer and slimmer, has displaced the typical expansion hatch for more elaborate teardowns. Even so, there are manufacturers that continue to make it easy for us with this type of access, which is usually to remove a single screw that exposes the RAM memory slots. Of course, first we have to make sure what capacity our device supports and what type of memory it supports.
Geeknetic GoodRAM IRDM SODIMM DDR4 improves the performance of your laptop and MiniPC 4
Many systems do not leave the option to change all the RAM memory either, but if there is a socket available to expand, so before buying the memory it is very important to make sure of all these aspects, Planning it well is the first step, especially not to spend on things that we will not be able to install later.
Geeknetic GoodRAM IRDM SODIMM DDR4 improves the performance of your laptop and MiniPC 5
Brands like MSI, Lenovo, ASUS, MSI or PCSpecialist usually make this quite easy for us with easily expandable models, not in all ranges of course, where access to memory slots is usually easy. Now it is usually time to disassemble the entire back cover of the laptop, not like in the past, but manufacturers usually make it easy. Remember that it does not matter if we have soldered memory we can expand capacity, even with modules of different sizes and the system will thank you.
Geeknetic GoodRAM IRDM SODIMM DDR4 improves the performance of your laptop and MiniPC 6
As for compact systems, such as Intel NUC, here this type of memory will shine even more. They have more space, but use this type of SODIMM memory to maintain a very compact profile with low volume. In these types of systems, with very powerful processors, this type of fast and low-latency RAM is very important. With configurations of 32GB of RAM we will be coveredtaking advantage of the double channel, and its access is usually much simpler.
Geeknetic GoodRAM IRDM SODIMM DDR4 improves the performance of your laptop and MiniPC 7
In our analysis of NUC 11 Extreme This type of memory, such as GoodRAM’s IRDM, is perfect for achieving the balance between cost, performance and capacity that we are looking for in a compact and modern computer. The same happens with other well-known brands in this type of ultra-compact high-performance MiniPC systems, around 10 liters of total internal volume, such as Zotac where this type of memories will also add a plus of performance and capacity at a very adequate price.

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Perfect speeds and format

With speeds of up to 3200MHz and being compatible with the Intel XMP 2.0 standards and other JEDEC profiles these compact GoodRAM memories guarantee us that we will have full compatibility with all types of systems at the same time that we achieve in the appropriate systems, for gamers and creators, the maximum performance that we will find in compact memories with SODIMM format.
Geeknetic GoodRAM IRDM SODIMM DDR4 improves the performance of your laptop and MiniPC 8
GoodRAM manufactures its modules within the European Union and adds the important plus of having a lifetime guarantee on all its modules in this category. It is a way of ensuring that their modules leave their factories assembled with the highest demands of the union and with the support of a brand that has carved out a significant niche for itself precisely because of the solvency of its gaming and high-performance products. These memories are all selected, they are protected by an integrated low-profile heatsink, which is not a sticker, as in other manufacturers, but an aluminum heatsink that will help our laptop or compact system to be working perfectly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


There is a maxim in the computer world that is the more RAM the better. If, in addition, the RAM is fast and of good quality, then we will add extra potential to our computer. I know that currently it is not easy to find portable systems with the possibility of expanding RAM, in fact, it is even complicated in certain segments such as ultralight or convertible, but there are other ranges where this possibility is not only present, but is enhanced by its own needs. of us, the users. There are also now other rapidly growing market segments that use this type of very compact DDR4 SODIMM memory to reduce its overall volume. This type of MiniPC, both for gamers, creators or office automation, is the perfect environment for these memories GoodRAM IRDM SODIMM DDR4 They provide us with an extra performance and capacity that any operating system and application will appreciate in the form of better multitasking, more performance and more stability, working constantly over time. End of Article. Tell us something in our Forum!


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