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GOODRAM expands its portfolio with new industrial SODIMM modules

by Jordi Bercial 2 hours ago GOODRAM has presented today new memory modules designed for industrial environments and for small equipmentso these modules arrive in a SODIMM form factor that allows them to fit into computers with Mini-ITX motherboards, mini STX, laptops and embedded solutionsyes These new memory modules arrive under the unappealing nomenclature GR4S32G320D8I, and it is no coincidence considering that these are modules that are not intended for the general public. Among its general specifications, we find that they are 32GB modules that will allow us to add large amounts of memory to our embedded systems.
Geeknetic GOODRAM expands its portfolio with new industrial SODIMM modules 1

In addition, its speed of 3200MHz assures us that despite this status, they will be modules with good performance that will make cloud solutions, virtual machines and artificial intelligence work at the pace expected of today’s computing. However, there are two variants of these modules, and the difference is subtle but important, as it has to do with their operating temperature. There will be a variant that works ambient temperatures between 0 and 85 degrees Celsiuswhile the other variant that will accompany these modules will be able to work at temperatures between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius, so these are components with a high tolerance for extreme temperatures. End of Article. Tell us something in the Comments or come to our Forum!
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