García Belsunce case: “Why don’t you jump out the window?”, the chilling dialogue between Nicolás Pachelo and his mother

“Why don’t you go to your mother’s pussy, jump out the window and stop breaking my balls? Unhappy.”Thus, Nicolás Pachelo, tried for the murder of María Marta García Belsunce, spoke to his mother, Silvia Ryan. The chilling audio was released today by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in a new hearing of the third trial for the crime that occurred in the country Carmel, in Pilar, on October 27, 2002. Five months after that conversation between mother and son, Ryan, who was 60 years old, died after falling from his apartment on the 11th floor to an internal courtyard on the second floor of a Retiro building. It was May 29, 2003. The case was investigated and closed as suicide..The chilling dialogue between Nicolás Pachelo and his motherThe evidence presented at the hearing was part of a series of wiretaps ordered after a request from Diego Molina Pico, the questioned first prosecutor of the García Belsunce case, but that they were not publicly known until today. The listening was transmitted from the statement of a witness. This is Ángel Beserra, who at the time of the murder was deputy commissioner and head of the Departmental Subdelegation of Investigations (SubDDI) of Pilar.After a question from Patricio Ferrari, one of the deputy attorney generals of San Isidro, Beserra said that there was a wiretap that caught his attention.Prosecutors Andrés Quintana, Federico González and Patricio FerrariFabián Marelli – LA NACION“There was a communication with the mother that ended in a bad tone”, Beserra said. From what emerges from the conversation, Pachelo was upset because his mother had called the house of the parents of his then wife, Inés Dávalos Cornejo. The victim’s ex-neighbor asked him what he had said to his wife’s mother. Ryan replied, “I’m worried. I’m scared for you.” His son, furious, blurted out: “You are an undesirable being. Inés’ mother called crying. You’re mentally retarded.” Calmly, Ryan continued the conversation: “No, I’m scared. Go live in Inés’s parents’ house”. The fury of his son did not subside and he, energetically, he shouted: ¨Why don’t you go to your mother’s shell, jump out the window and stop breaking my balls?”.Then, according to the listening broadcast today, the communication was cut off. The call in question was from December 19, 2002. “Beyond temperament [de Pachelo]I don’t understand the reaction,” said Beserra. Pachelo was not disturbed when the chilling audio was released. At times he spoke with his lawyers, Marcelo Rodriguez Jordan Y Robert Ribas, and, in others, he made notes in a notebook that, today, for the first time he took to trial. The hearing had begun with the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to incorporate as evidence two interviews that Pachelo gave over the weekend, one with THE NATION and another with Infobae. For Ferrari, the interviews “They introduce a series of data to the debate that do nothing but confirm control, dominance and triumph” de Pachelo on “the public impact of the trial”. He also highlighted his attitude of “dominating the debate.”“I am what I am, not what they want me to be. I did not kill María Marta”held to THE NATION Pachelo in the aforementioned note.

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It was not one, there were three calls between Pachelo and his mother that the Public Prosecutor’s Office released at today’s hearing. In one of the communications, Ryan told his son: “You are suspicious Nicolás because you are a partner who is not normal, you have a more hectic life”At that moment, Pachelo commented to his mother: “[no identificó quién] He told me: ´be careful when you speak on the phone and when your mother speaks because not only the police seize the phones, but also journalists, be careful what you speak on the phone´”. In a third communication, Pachelo’s voice is heard: “I have so, so tapped the phone that it doesn’t work for me”.