García Belsunce case: the panic of a witness that made Nicolás Pachelo have to listen to her behind a door

After a quarter intermission, and when the judge Federico Eckepresident of the court that judges Nicolás Pachelo as the alleged perpetrator of the murder of Maria Marta Garcia Belsuncea crime that occurred almost 20 years ago in the country Carmel, from Pilar, was about to bring into the courtroom Deborah Luacesthe last witness of the day, Patricio Ferrari, one of the two deputy attorney generals of San Isidro, took the floor and said: “The witness told us that she is terrified of Pachelo and that she does not want to and cannot testify in his presence”.It was the beginning of a debate that ended when Pachelo and his defense attorneys, Robert Ribas, Marcelo Rodriguez Jordan Y Rachel Perez Iglesias They accepted that the defendant leave the courtroom and listen to Luaces’ testimony behind the door through which the magistrates enter and leave. Judge Ecke thanked the good predisposition and clarified that if the witness had been a man “things were different”, as if implying that they were not going to allow the defendant to leave the courtroom. Luaces, 41, a resident of Carmel, answered Ferrari’s questions. At times she broke down and cried, like when she remembered that her parents and García Belsunce and Carlos Carrascosa, the victim’s husband, met on a safari and both couples “got on” because they had the same decision to adopt a son. “My sister and I are adopted,” she said, between tears. When talking about the accused, she said: “I have known Pachelo all my life. He was popular voice that they described him as a madman, as a person who is beyond good and evil, who had no remorse for things. He is not afraid of the consequences, he does not care about more than himself. I know him from everything I’ve heard in Pilar, a small town where we all know each other, and I was always afraid of him.”He also maintained that, in his opinion, Pachelo was not happy: he had run into him when he was running through Carmel and never saw him smile. Luaces’s words did not go unnoticed by the accused, and he was soon going to make it known.The lawyers Sebastián Maison and Gustavo Hechem, lawyers who represent Carlos Carrascosa, and the prosecutors Andrés Quintana, Federico González and Patricio FerrariFabián Marelli Luaces’ testimony focused on a situation that, according to what he said under oath to tell the truth, occurred in the house of his parents, in Carmel, starring Pachelo and that is related to what witness Mariano Maggi, owner of a car dealership in Pilar, said last week. Maggi stated that in 2000 he had sold Pachelo a 4×4 truck . But the commercial operation ended up in court because the now defendant gave him, as part of payment, four checks, of which at least one was reported stolen. The witness said that since he did not attend to him, a Carmel neighbor made him go into the country and he was able to go to Pachelo’s house to make a claim. The neighbor in question was the father of Deborah Luaces.Nicolás Pachelo is tried for the murder of García BelsunceNicolás Pachelo is tried for the murder of García Belsunce Fabián Marelli Ella said today that, one day, Pachelo entered his parents’ house without permission to rebuke him for having let Maggi enter Carmel. The witness affirmed that, while he rebuked his father, Pachelo had one hand inside the pocket of his jacket. , Pachelo had done more than 20 years ago.

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The mistress and Tom the farmer

The witness also referred to a friend who would later betray her and to Tom, García Belsunce and Carrascosa’s Labrador retriever, “the son” that, in the words of prosecutor Ferrari, the couple could not have and that María Marta desperately sought. Pachelo, months before the victim’s death, stole her pet, her dog Tom, the son she had with Carlos Carrascosa [el esposo] they had not been able to have, to demand a ransom. She never showed up. And since that episode he was afraid of his neighbor and pleaded for him to be thrown out of the Carmel country”, Ferrari had said when presenting the guidelines of the accusation. Luaces recalled today the pamphlets that María Marta made with the image of Tom and the number of her cell phone, and that the witness helped her hit her in the center of Pilar. The witness recounted that a person who she thought was her friend, but later ended up being her ex-husband’s lover, had told her that he had once been in Pachelo’s house and had played with Tom. She identified that woman as Rachel Fat. The now accused took note again, because he would not let it pass. In the middle of her story, the witness cried again and said that she was afraid. Before retiring, Luaces told something that happened to him a couple of days ago. “It caught my attention, I don’t link it… but just [pasa ahora] that I am in this witness situation and it has never happened to me”he maintained. When Luaces left the courtroom on the first mezzanine of the San Isidro Court building, Pachelo re-entered and asked to speak. Without answering questions from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, he stated that Luaces’s testimony was crossed by “lies and inconsistencies”. She questioned whether the witness had maintained that he was not happy just because he had not seen him smile while he was running through the country, and He denied the version of the woman who, according to the witness, played with Tom at her house. Pachelo said that in order to ratify his statements, the visitor registry of the country Carmel could be requested. He also explained that his cell phone line is “whitewashed” before the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (SPB) in case they wanted to investigate him for the strange call that he said he had The witness received. Regarding the visit that, according to Luaces, he made to reproach his father for having allowed Maggi to enter, Pachelo said that entering a home in that way would have been a crime. He maintained that he did reprimand the president of the country’s board of directors for having let a person enter to go to a partner’s house. The trial will continue the day after tomorrow, with the testimony of more witnesses proposed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office .