Game of Thrones: Dunk & Egg Spin-Off Is Official! Details Inside

Game of Thrones: Dunk & Egg Spin-Off

theAfter “House of the dragon,” the series “Game Of Thrones” (HBO) could be the subject of another spin-off. Fans of “Game Of Thrones” (HBO) may be happy. Another spin-off, titled Dunk & Egg, is still in the works. 

What Is Dunk & Egg?

Maybe you’ve already heard of this famous “Game Of Thrones” spin-off. In reality, the information did not just fall. But no promotion has been made. Please don’t panic, though, and it seems to be happening more and more.

theAfter "House of the dragon," the series "Game Of Thrones" (HBO) could be the subject of another spin-off. Fans of "Game Of Thrones" (HBO) may be happy.
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Last we reported, filming has already started. What’s more, HBO reportedly hired a screenwriter and executive producer specifically for the project. His name is probably not unknown to you. This is Steve Conrad. He notably oversaw films such as Patriot, Wonder, and The Pursuit of Happyness. It is also found on The Dream Life of Walter Mitty or Perpetual Grace. Suffice to say that he has come a long way and therefore has experience.

Dunk & Egg: What Is The Plot?

As for the storyline, we don’t know many details about the storyline, except that another book by George RR Martin will again inspire the “Game Of Thrones” spin-off.

The original book is called The Knight Errant and tells the story of Ser Duncan the Great (aka “Dunk”) and his squire Aegon V Targaryen (aka “Egg”). Does this scenario inspire you?

As for temporality, we’ll land 90 years before Game Of Thrones. If you want to know more about the spin-offs that come from the series, we urge you to read on.

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Where Is The Other Game of Thrones Spin-Off Slated For 2022?

Yes, we know. “Game Of Thrones” ended in 2019. But HBO wants to perpetuate this medieval universe that it loves so much. And this, even though the director did not wish to go beyond the eight seasons. This greatly disappointed George RR Martin, who greatly inspired this series. This would astonish us. HBO has much more to think about, such as the upcoming series spin-offs: House of the dragon as well as Dunk & Egg.


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