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Fun recipe: Learn how to make homemade sugar-free donuts, ideal for keeping fit

Donuts can be healthy. It is possible to cook this sweet without refined sugar and without the result being unappetizing. This is the recipe The main ingredient of these donuts is the sweet potato. These are the necessary ingredients for the base: A medium sweet potato Coconut oil Two eggs Defatted cocoa powder Sweetener: agave syrup, honey or stevia. Two tablespoons of spelled flour Half a sachet of yeast Pinch of salt To start, You have to peel the sweet potato and grind it until you get a texture like rice. To this mixture you must add a tablespoon of coconut oil, two heaping tablespoons of defatted cocoa powder and a sweetener. It can be a tablespoon of agave syrup, honey or stevia. To the mixture you must also add two tablespoons of spelled or buckwheat flour, half an envelope of yeast and a pinch of salt. This mixture must be crushed very well until a homogeneous mass remains. Next, it’s time to bake. The ideal is to use a mold with the eggs for donuts previously greased with butter. If you don’t have it, you can make these donuts in a muffin version. Must bake at 180 degrees half an hour (always checking that it is cooked and that they do not burn). For the coverage, you can melt in a saucepan or in the microwave a few ounces of dark chocolate (as pure as possible so as not to add too much fat to these healthy donuts). Once melted, it is poured over the donuts and voila! Another option without chocolate is to accompany these donuts with fruits, either chopped or crushed with a little milk in a mixing glass to create a dense dough with which to make a coating for donuts. For decoration, you can sprinkle grated coconut, grated nuts, cinnamon or dark chocolate chips.

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