From the “Ara Fell” team, RPG “Rise of the Third Power” comes out in February

Rise of the Third Power

New Year's for me is about comfortable games so I don't get stressed. My profession doesn't always allow it, but seeing the announcement that Stegosoft Games' Rise of the Third Power will be released on February 10th on PC , Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 tells me that I already have an interesting month ahead of me. front.

In development since 2017, Rise of the Third Power maintains the “semi-linear” style that made the best-known developer in the world of standalone JRPGs with “Ara Fell”. Expect a varied group of characters, moments of humor and drama, turn-based combat system, in short, everything that a “classic” JRPG can have.

What set Ara Fell apart, and apparently will separate Rise of the Third Power from so many other homages to 16-bit RPGs is its combat system with an emphasis on skills and exploiting the vulnerability of your enemies, and less on traditional attacks. . In addition, each piece of equipment is unique to the character and you evolve it throughout the story.

Stegosoft Games' promise of bringing a “linear” RPG with a lot of optional content is very tempting for someone like me who sometimes doesn't have time for secondary content and prefers to focus on the main story. I wish more developers would offer this option, especially in the “AAA” space.

I don't promise a review when the RPG comes out, but you can be sure I'll be playing it on PC.

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