From Hugo Guillamón to the talent of Gonçalo

The preseason also serves to see what the squads need in the market, how much the coaches need to adapt their style and to reach the start of the league in the best possible shape. Gattuso has ensured that physically, the team is working at a good level. Of course, the Italian cannot perform miracles. The second unit, which started against St. Gallen, showed that it is not ready at the moment to serve as a replacement if there is an injury, rotation or if internal competition has to be generated. And that sends two very clear messages. The first is that many players are needed in this squad to play what Gattuso wants and the second is that the good ones, the best, cannot leave the entity under any circumstances. Guedes cannot be on the market for Valencia and if he is, it must be for an amount that allows him to have 3 or 4 starters. There is no other. And it is also urgent to renew Hugo Guillamón.

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