Frequent complaints? Change your attitude!

September is the month of returning to routine and habits that may have been altered during the summer. There are several purposes that we set for ourselves, all of them with the aim of achieving greater well-being and improving the quality of our lives. However, no matter how good our intentions are, we are not always able to move towards the goal and that generates a feeling of frustration and helplessness. You feel identified? Do you tend to fall into frequent complaints? Maybe it’s time to change your attitude, only then can you achieve success in everything you set out to do. Keep reading! It is good to set new goals with motivation and desire. The illusion is, in fact, the engine that moves us towards meeting the challenges, what gives meaning to our days and what gives us the hope of being able to reach our best version in any sense. Planning and doing everything in our power so that we can effectively move forward is basic, as well as creating realistic goals, looking at the short term and other actions that are in favor of achieving it. Now, in life there are unforeseen events, setbacks that can destroy all the work we have done in order to resume the routine with productivity and efficiency. It is so! We will always find obstacles, some higher than others, that will force us to reinvent ourselves, to create new action plans and to adapt to situations that we were not counting on.

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Facing unforeseen events without frequent complaints

Given this scenario, it is not uncommon for many people to fall into frequent complaints. If you do not feel identified, perhaps you are thinking of a family member, friend or acquaintance who constantly feels like a victim of the situations around them. Changing this attitude is very important not only to achieve project success, but to do it with satisfaction and enjoyment and to evolve and grow throughout the process.
Complaining constantly harms, first of all, oneself. Falling into victimhood offers the perfect excuse to stand still and not move forward, to obey fears and insecurities. After all, for many, it is better to stand still than to face reality. We know that there are truly complicated circumstances, but there is only one way and that is to face it, embrace the emotions and move on.

Considerations for frequent complaints

These are some of the aspects to take into account when we take a habitual attitude of complaint:

The complaint will not solve the unforeseen event or problem. A defeatist or victimizing attitude will only let you see the negative side of a circumstance. With that negativity you will only attract more negativity. Change the way you see things and you will be a magnet for opportunities and learning. Your mood will be affected, making it impossible to achieve your goals, stagnating and reducing the quality of your life. Complaints are a way of reducing our responsibilities or transferring blame to third parties. There are circumstances that cannot be avoided, but the most powerful tool lies in your attitude.

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What to do to change the attitude of constantly complaining?

It does not matter if you have that trait in you because you have learned it, because you tend to pessimism, because you are too perfectionist, because you have acquired it as a habit, etc. The really important thing is that you know that you can change it, you are able to begin to see life with other, more optimistic eyes.
You can learn to be resilient, to adapt to circumstances as they come and draw as many “plan B” as necessary. For it, it is essential that you are aware of what is happening to you and begin to adopt new ways of coping with everyday events. If you feel unable to do it yourself, don’t forget that investing in yourself and your health is the best thing to do. At Vikika Team we have a psychology service hand in hand with highly qualified professionals to accompany you in the process. Your best version is just a few steps away. The entry Frequent complaints? Change your attitude! was first published on VIKIKA Blog.

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