Free Bitcoins In Pokemon Go! Niantic Partners With Fold For A New Bitcoin-Hunting AR Game

Free Bitcoins In Pokemon Go

The famous monsters can be caught in “Pokemon GO.” Now the successful game creators are launching a version in which actual Bitcoins can be searched for.

Pokemon GO Success  

The success of the virtual reality app “Pokemon GO” is still legendary, and even today, over five years after the app was released, countless users are still playing the fun game in which the little monsters can be caught. And now it will soon be possible to search for bitcoins in the same style.

Search And Find Bitcoins

The app developers from “Fold” have now teamed up with “Pokémon GO” company Niantic to enable users to find actual Bitcoins and, of course, to own them.

Niantic makes its AR platform available to the Bitcoin payment app Fold. The collaboration aims to create a virtual reality based on its real environment, which the fold users can explore. Bitcoins should then be found while wandering around.

The hunt for Bitcoins should be very similar to the quest for Pokemon.

Bitcoins Earnings Via App

One Bitcoin is worth more than fifty thousand dollars. Giving them away in the app sounds fantastic, and what sounds so awesome is often too good to be true. Here too, of course, “only” fractions of a bitcoin are given out when searching for Bitcoin in the app.

The earnings that users can achieve should be in the cent range. Still, “This is the easiest and most fun way to get your first bit of Bitcoin,” said Fold CEO Will Reeves.

What Is Fold?

Fold (available in the US Play and App Store for Android and iOS) is a payment platform that offers Bitcoins as cashback rewards for payments made via the app. 

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The introduction of the game can get immense success, with the metaverse getting a lot of attention. The company will be having its world called ‘Bitcoin Metaverse.’ In this, the users will find and collect Bitcoin alongside other prizes in the app. For starters, users will earn ‘Satoshis,’ which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin.


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