Fortnite: Secrets and Tricks of Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Season 1 of Fortnite brought a multitude of news to the game. After the game island was turned upside down as a result of the events at the end of Chapter 2, a new map emerged and with it a series of new mechanics.

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Among the new features, you can drive a shark and even assemble your own pack of wild wolves. In this list, Canaltech has separated tricks and secrets that can currently be performed in Fortnite to surprise an opponent or even increase the chances of a Victory Royale.

17. Drive a shark and run over enemies

Use sharks to move faster and attack enemies on dry land (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech

Chapter 3 – Season 1 has an interesting range of different cars and boats. But no means of transport will be as ferocious as a shark. The marine animal that appears on the island's beaches and lakes can be hunted for rare and legendary rewards, but it still has a secret function. It is possible to use the shark to move at high speed in the game and even make the pussy attack enemies.

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Tubarão even has an impulse to go faster, like other vehicles in the game (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech

To perform the trick, the player must throw a fishing rod at the shark and hope it takes the bait. Once hooked, the shark can be guided and proceed to land, where it will destroy everything in front of it. Even released on land, the marine animal will continue to advance and attack, becoming a great distraction in the game.

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16. Open the vault at the Outpost of the Seven

Use a stunned NPC to open the Seven's vaults in Solo mode (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech

One of Fortnite's greatest sources of treasure today is the vaults of Outposts or Shrines of the Seven. However, the metal door only opens in the presence of the whole team together or with two players in solo mode, right? Wrong!

It is possible to open the vault without outside help or with some team member missing. The trick is to find an Outpost or Sanctuary with more than one guard of the Seven. In solo mode, shoot the guard until he is stunned. Approach the body and carry the guard to the front of the vault. There, the lock for two people will be released and the safe will be open.

15. It's not just a bathroom

Restrooms are great escape routes (Image: Play/Epic Games)

Fortnite Island has a plethora of chemical toilets. Most of them work with a nice hiding place. Some are an escape route. When a chemical toilet has an emergency exit sign, it means that the place holds a secret passage that will take the player to another point on the map. Escape toilets are usually inside the vaults of Outposts of the Seven and at high points on the island.

14. Fish Legendary Weapons

In addition to fish, fishing gives players ammo, construction items and even legendary weapons (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

Fishing isn't new to Chapter 3 of Fortnite , but it's always good to remember that you won't just get fish that regain health or shield during the activity. Ammo, construction items, and even epic and legendary weapons can come from fishing.

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The better the player's fishing rod, the greater the chance that a rare item will be retrieved from the bottom of the sea. In addition to the poles, the harpoon can also be used to fish in Fortnite , which greatly speeds up the process. Fishing can be done at any point of water that has fish on display.

13. Fastest drop in Fortnite

Aim at flat points and count on a zip line to get to the ground faster (Image: Screen Capture/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

Want to be one of the first to crash on the island of Fortnite ? There are some well-manicured techniques, such as choosing a flat spot with no elevations and directing the character downwards. One way to get down to the ground even faster is to aim for one of the ziplines. Even with the hang glider open, it is possible to use the sky ziplines and accelerate the disembarkation.

Player is immune to fall damage when using zipline (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

12. Vary your food

Coconut and mushrooms found in food crates recover the player's shield (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

Don't ignore fridges and food crates in Fortnite . In addition to shields and medical bandages, the foods found on the map can increase defenses and restore the player's health. Foods such as coconuts, mushrooms and jellyfish increase the player's shield to full health, while peppers and puffer fish increase speed, giving a certain advantage against enemies.

11. Dome animals

Allied wolves will attack enemies, structures and other animals (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

Since Chapter 2, it's been possible to convince terrestrial bugs to fight you in Fortnite . Eliminate animals to get meat and then offer the food to other creatures. While the animal eats, approach and execute the command for the animal to be tamed. A tamed animal will attack enemies, structures and other animals.

10. Chat and hire NPCs

NPCs offer and sell building materials, weapons, disguises and even cracks (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

The island of Fortnite is populated by several characters that participate in the game's story. Whenever you see an NPC (non-playable character), talk to them. NPCs offer building materials and more: some of them sell exotic weapons, crevices and disguises to the player.

Player disguised as a barrel (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

There is also the possibility of hiring an NPC to help you in the match. For about 100 coins, the character will follow the player and shoot at the slightest sign of an enemy.

9. Face NPCs

Battle guards at Outposts to secure rare weapons at the start of the game (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

Wasn't the loot from the crash site good? A good alternative might be to face some NPCs around the map. Characters carry rare and exotic weapons. Some are easier to defeat, like the guards who guard the Outposts of the Seven. Other characters will challenge you to a duel. It is still possible to fight (and try to survive at great cost) against the Foundation, the character from The Rock in Fortnite .

8. Falling on ships

Falling on a ship is often a good loot option without much competition (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

Tired of falling into low loot spaces or too many players? A good fall alternative are ships, located on the coast of the map. Far away, the places are a source of rare weapons, food and various construction items. Each ship has at least two high rarity chest units and an item box at the highest point.

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Rare chest can be found inside ship (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

7. Swim with the current

Gone are the days when falling into the water meant the player's death in Fortnite. Now, water is an important ally in displacement and even escape. With the jump button, the player can increase speed, jumping while swimming. It is still possible to swim faster if the player moves with the current.

6. Pull items with Spider-Man's web

Web Launcher is a special item from Chapter 3 – Season 1 (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

Spider-Man's web caster is not only a great item for displacement on the Fortnite map, it has a more strategic application. Aim with the launchers at an item within range and shoot. The feature will go to your location instantly.

5. Rest in the tent

Tents help player recover health (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

In addition to allowing players to carry items from game to game, tents in Fortnite are great for those who need to regain health but lack any healing items. Set up a tent on the map or capture another player's tent and select the “Rest” option. There, your character will enter the tent to take a nap inside the barracks and will gradually start to recover health.

4. Test accessibility mode

Accessibility mode helps you locate the source of shots and steps in the game (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

Fortnite has a very competent accessibility mode, which identifies and pinpoints the source of sounds close to players. If it's your first time playing the Epic Games battle royale, try out Accessibility Mode to begin identifying the direction of shooting sounds and chests in the game. The option is activated in the settings, in the audio menu.

3. Flying with chickens

Chicken helps player to glide (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

Fall damage is one of Fortnite's most vicious enemies, but there are a few ways to avoid the drastic end of getting stuck in a high place. One of the options is to check if there is a chicken nearby. When catching one of these animals, the player gains the ability to glide with the aid of the pussy. The hard part is being fast enough to get your hands on an island chicken.

2. Aim from cars

Surprise opponent with crosshairs from the passenger seat (Image: Screenshot/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

The passenger seat has a function in Fortnite. Inside a car, in the passenger seat, the player can select the aim button to project the body to the outside of the car, aim and fire at enemies that appear along the way.

1. Tip the driver

Tipping is an unusual destination for accumulated Gold Bar (Image: Screen Capture/Lucas Arraz/Canaltech)

In addition to saying thanks, you can tip the Fortnite bus driver. When talking to Cremosinho, the option appears on the screen to give 4,000 units of Gold Bars to express gratitude. No specific reward is given in exchange for the tip, just the player's name will appear in the match notifications panel.

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