Fortaleza – River, live, in the Copa Libertadores

With a temperature of 30 degrees and a high dose of humiditythe weather also complicates River, who finds it difficult to stand against the dangerous advances of Fortaleza. Marcelo Gallardo chats with Enzo Fernándezso that it goes back a few meters: it is essential to recover the sacred fire in the middle zone.Held by Armani and a couple of saving crosses Paul Diaz, River suffers the game in Brazil. Fortaleza is a good team, with boldness and surprise. Beyond the virtues of others, the millionaire team is fragile in defense, a bit messy, with separate lines. In a classic two-way clash, with little of the physical rigor of a cup match, Fortaleza and River have chances of enter the rival area with danger. In that tune, the millionaire team shows cracks in the defensive line. Not only in the four members of the back: he suffers the setback, from Enzo Pérez backwards. Armani again, flew and took the ball to the corner. Fortress is sharper, hosted by Lucas Crispim, a talented man.Strength and courage: Julián Alvarez and Tinga, hand in handTwitter @RiverPlateArmani covered a hand in hand. After a while, he flew and sent a shot from Lucas Lima to the corner. Strength attacks a lot and with criteria, defends itself with certain licenses. River responds, although he maintains some doubts. It’s a great show. A left-footed shot from Barco went close. Penalty from Marcelo to Pochettino, who with impulse entered the area, with pure enthusiasm and was shot down. Support is genius Enzo Fernandez. After the protests, the young midfielder kicks the penalty. Crusader, classy. River tied.Fortaleza vs River.  05-05-22Fortaleza vs River. 05-05-22 CONMEBOL PressAt full pace, Fortaleza started with intensity. Crispim went up the left sector, raised his head, gave the celebration to Silvio Romero. With a subtle touch, with the goal empty (Armani went too far), the former Independiente striker opened the scoring.In front of a crowd, River faces Fortaleza, in Brazil, directed by the Argentine Juan Pablo Vojvoda, with the aim of obtaining a victory and qualifying early for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. The game is played from 7:00 p.m. at the Governador Plácido Aderaldo Castelo stadium, in the state of Ceará, directed by the Uruguayan Esteban Ostojich. River adds nine points, followed by Colo-Colo with six, Fortaleza with three and Alianza Lima closes with zero. With the best available and the confirmation of Tomas Pochettino, of good work against Sarmiento, in Junín, River has already defined the starters for tonight’s match against Fortaleza.Third, with three points in Group F, Fortaleza’s plan B is to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana. Argentines Silvio Romero (former Instituto de Córdoba, Lanús and Independiente, starter against River) and Valentín Depietri (former Santamarina de Tandil, on the substitute bench), both forwards, play in the Brazilian team. Almost an hour before the start of the meeting, the millionaire delegation arrived at the modern stadium from the north of Brazil, to try to seal the classification, heading to the decisive stages of the competition, which is the priority for Marcelo Gallardo and, logically, for a large part of the River World. River defeated Fortaleza 2-0, in the match that was played on the night of Wednesday, April 13, at the Monumental stadium. The goals for the Millionaire were scored by Enzo Fernández and Nicolás de la Cruz. If tonight they win in Brazil, Marcelo Gallardo’s team will qualify for the round of 16, still with two dates to go.The party will have Fox sports broadcast, but it can also be seen online, through cable operator and satellite TV platforms, such as Flow or DirecTVGo, and Star+. In all cases it is required to be a client. Plus, live coverage on THE NATION It will include the narration and images of the main actions of the match, minute by minute. We begin the coverage of the match corresponding to the fourth date of the group round of the Copa Libertadores: River visits Fortaleza, from Brazil. The match, scheduled for 7:00 p.m. (Argentine time) with Fox Sports and Star+ television, will be played at the Governador Plácido Aderaldo Castelo stadium and will be arbitrated by Uruguayan Esteban Ostojich.River defeated Fortaleza 2-0 in the duel played at the Monumental on April 13River defeated Fortaleza 2-0 in the duel played at the Monumental on April 13LA NACION/Mauro Alfieri

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