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Forbidden to go back to the old ways

Jose Bordalas, in Vallecas AFP7 via Europa Press

José Bordalás returned to the attack. But not in the field. He did it in the Vallecas press room. To defend against criticism. Just when no one expected it. The coach is right. We talked about qualifying for Europe and attacking football when few of us gave a hard time for this team seeing the squads and projects of other clubs. Bordalás is right, but he loses it by vindicating himself at the gates of the Cup final.

This is not the time to lose strength in wars of the past. As much as they are also from the present. From now on it must be forbidden to go back to the old ways. And to targeted messages. There will be time after La Cartuja and the last day. The technician cannot afford to lose strength in these battles.

All efforts must be directed at staying strong defensively and escaping the offensive stalemate. where the equipment is located. Bordalás is in it. Leaving health. I know. Do not give up!

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