For Life Season 3: Chances After IMDb TV Pick-Up? 

For Life Season 3

The drama series ” For Life ” from US broadcaster ABC does not return with season 3. Although the first two seasons delighted a large number of viewers, the numbers were not sufficient.

Streaming provider IMDb TV planned to save the series. However, the plans have now been dashed, as reported by the US magazine TVLine.

After the series was canceled in May, lead actor Nicholas Pinnock made it clear to fans that he is not evil at ABC. “I’m in no way bitter about ABC because ‘For Life’ wasn’t renewed for a third season,” he tweeted, adding that ABC “only endorsed our series and stood up for it from the start.”

The idea for the series comes from the American screenwriter Hank Steinberg, who is also responsible for the series “Without a Trace.” The previous seasons were produced by ABC Studios, Doug Robinson Productions, Sony Pictures Productions, and Channel Road Productions, with rapper 50 Cent serving as executive producer.

For Life Season 3: What Are The Chances Of Revival?

After its cancellation on ABC, the show was picked up by IMDb TV. Since the show is now an IMDb TV Original, the chances for a new season are pretty certain. The first two seasons are now available on IMDb TV and will continue to stream on the platform. 

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IMDb TV is a free and ad-supported streaming platform. This can take the viewership of the show to a much larger level.

For Life Season 3: What Is The Issue With The Show?

For Life is considered a fantastic show, but despite its potential storyline, the response from the viewers was not something the producers expected. The show has excellent reviews, but its viewership figures were not as expected. During its premiere, the show became ABC network’s lowest-rated show on the network.

Curtis Jackson acts as the show’s executive producer, and now, the pick-up from IMDb TV indeed gives hope to the show’s fans. 


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